Technical Fellow

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Schmidt Futures is looking for an exceptional Computer Scientist to provide insights into the world’s most important problems at the intersection of tech, the social sector, government, and geopolitics. The Technical Fellow will have the opportunity to develop new ideas and strategies to drive social impact investments, grant-making and knowledge production as part of our team.

The Technical Fellow’s primary responsibilities will include: 
- Leading research into specific verticals at the intersection of policy and technology
- Building virtual networks of experts for research collaborations
- Producing novel technical insights that have actionable outcomes, either through policy solutions or potential grants and investments

We’re currently looking for a Technical Fellow interested in the following verticals at the nexus of software and the real world: 
- Privacy, consent, abuse, access issues around the use of digital services by governments
- The use of data for managing cities
- AI research in health

This is a one-year position based in New York, NY with full-time salary and benefits.

Key Responsibilities

Drive research and action around specific verticals
- Lead research efforts into novel applications on and opportunity within specific “AI + X” fields
- Develop new ideas and datasets that accelerate progress in the field of AI + X
- Identify the most promising researchers and other experts in AI + X
- Build virtual networks of AI researchers in health to drive collaborative efforts
- Produce reports / policy papers that provide technical and actionable insight into policy problems
- Source new ideas and exceptional talent for Schmidt Futures to make philanthropic investments

Technical Support for Policy, Grants and Investments 
- Source new ideas for policy, grants and investments based on the current strategic focus of Schmidt Futures and its founder Eric Schmidt
- Provide technical due diligence on potential grants and investments
- Conduct reviews of new policy ideas and provide opinions and analysis on pressing current issues
- Expand Schmidt Futures network of experts for external reviews and due diligence
- Build Schmidt Futures and Plaintext Group’s thought leadership on AI + X topics

Who We Are

Schmidt Futures is a philanthropic initiative, founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt, that finds exceptional people and helps them do more for others together.  We knit talent into networks, bet on the most promising ideas through diverse forms of competition and support, and equip people to scale through partners and modern tools.

We are looking to create technical insight into the most important problems at the intersection of technology and policy.  We bring together bi-lingual CS + policy experts to drive novel insights into technical problems, under the philosophy that technical problems require technical insight from technical people.  Technical fellows lead research into specific verticals (i.e. AI research in health), build virtual networks for collaborations, and produce insights that directly lead to investments and grants by Schmidt Futures.