Front End Developer

Charleston, SC
Full Time
Do you eat pieces of code for breakfast?
Do you buy stuff online?
Let's do those things together.

We're looking for a front end developer that simply cares ... a lot 😍.

you'll get weird with stuff like

    • Writing front-end code with HTML, CSS, and Javascript
    • Creating modular code with Liquid templates.
    • Developing applications with Vue and React.
    • Working with progressive web applications and their state management tools.
    • Sending and receiving data with HTTP requests asynchronously
    • Writing and maintaining unit and integration tests
    • Learning and growing constantly to feed your passion for self-improvement and make those around you better
    • Fixing bugs fast and taking your time to solve hard problems well
    • Collaborating with other disciplines across Engineering and Design to help develop front-end solutions for client and customer problems.


    • 2+ years in a development position
    • experience developing with Shopify extremely important
    • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git
    • Experience with build tools
    • Translating designs to code
    • Developing front-end web applications that perform well on all devices using modern languages and frameworks
    • Working with one or more modern web stacks (transpilers, linters, build and CI tools, etc.)
    • Must be familiar with the benefits and weaknesses of Javascript’s many forms (Vanilla JS, JQuery,  ES6+, etc.)
    • Excellent communication skills, ability to convey concepts articulately, gracefully challenge assumptions and work with clients.

bonus biscuits

    • A desire to jump in and work with back-end technologies.
    • Experience with Ruby on Rails is a plus.


Scoutside creates brand identities and digital experiences for merchants in the health & wellness and food & beverage industry.  

We have built a web applications that extends the functionality of Shopify to better serve the needs of this industry by offering subscriptions, store pickup, local delivery and national shipping options.

We believe in superior user experiences for all users of the system, both the consumers and the merchant.


We are a tight group of really talented people that care about one another. Each member makes a huge impact to the team, culture and work product. There are no passive roles here. We value honesty, comfort and a sense of humor to create the best work environment.