Senior Backend Game Developer

Remote Position
Seedworld Studios /
Full-time /
We are is seeking a talented and passionate Backend Game Developer to join our core team. As a member of our team, you will play a crucial role in the development of one of the biggest metaverse projects in the industry - Seedworld. You will report to the Technical Director and collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to bring our vision to life.

- Design and implement scalable game backend services that can handle high traffic and real-time multiplayer interactions.
- Write robust and efficient code to power high-availability services, ensuring smooth gameplay experiences for our users.
- Collaborate with game designers and other developers to develop new features for our games, enhancing player engagement and enjoyment.

Essential Skills and Qualifications:
- Strong knowledge of real-time multiplayer games and their backend architecture.
- Proven experience with concurrency and distributed systems, ensuring seamless gameplay experiences for large player bases.
- Proficiency in utilizing REST APIs to facilitate communication between game clients and servers.
- Solid understanding of SQL, including database design and implementation skills to manage game-related data effectively.
- Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, and Linux, enabling the deployment and management of backend services.
- Ability to design fail-proof systems that can operate with minimal downtime, delivering a reliable gaming experience to players.
- Previous involvement in developing high-available and high-throughput systems, showcasing your ability to handle demanding player loads.
- Good knowledge of functional testing and load testing methodologies to ensure the performance and stability of backend services.

Nice-to-Have Skills and Qualifications:
- Experience working with PlayFab, EOS, or other popular backend game services, leveraging third-party tools to enhance game functionality.

100% remote

-21 days of holidays / year + local bank holidays.
-Sick days.
-Budget for training / courses.
-Budget towards purchasing work equipment such as laptop.