Lead Technical Artist

Seedworld Studios /
Full-time /
A Technical Artist will work closely with artists and programmers to help with the asset and pipeline optimizations. You will participate in the implementation of technical art features, develop tools and workflows, and will perform debugging on tools and processes.

The main and usual functions of the Technical Artist are:
·         Setting up and maintaining production pipelines and workflow
·         Develop and test tools that will be used by the artists to improve and assist their work in production
·         Work with Art Leads, Technical Directors and QA to ensure that all the assets conform to technical requirements 
·         Use the best tools and methods for improving and facilitating the graphic workload
·         Share best practices, conduct training sessions to the team to ensure proper use of tools and methods Integrate, validate and optimize graphic data in the engine by using scripts if needed
·         Ensure that graphic bugs are fixed according to their priorities and provide support to the other artists
·         Produce and maintain documentation on tools, methods, trainings, processes, and engine limits for consultation and future reference.
·         Help and spearhead the QA Team on ensuring that assets are 100% bug-free and shippable
·         Gatekeeper of Tech Art constraints, pushing for top visual quality and performance
·         Optimization and Profiling
·         Knowledge in the following areas in game development: Modelling & TexturingScripting/Tools Development, LightingShaders (GLSL/HSLS), VFX Rendering & Post Processing Rigging and Animation, Strong understanding of Graphic Rendering Pipeline for next-gen technologies
·         Experience working with Game Engines (Unreal) is essential
·         Experience working with Source Control (Git, Perforce, Mercurial)
·         Strong Technical Background on the Art Production Process and Workflows Programming Knowledge
·         Knowledge of UI Development for Tools (WPF, WinForms, XAML, QT) is a plus
·         Strong communication and Interpersonal Skills
·         Background in 3d development software (3DS Max, Maya, Blender, Motion Builder)
·        Eagerness to learn current developing next-gen technologies for gamesAble to work under pressure, learn new skills, and develop a good relationship between the team
·         Experience in collaboration between artists, programmers, technical directorsStrong organizational skills
·         Creative at finding solutions