Senior AI Engineer (Unreal Engine)

London, England, United Kingdom
Seedworld Studios /
Full-time /
We are seeking a talented and highly skilled Senior AI Engineer to join one of the most unique UGC platforms in the games industry: Seedworld.

As a Senior AI Engineer, you will play a pivotal role in developing the SDK backend and brain module that interfaces with Unreal Engine, enabling advanced AI functionalities within the Metaverse environment. You will be responsible for designing, implementing, and optimizing AI algorithms and systems to enhance user experiences and interaction within the Seedworld project. You have a strong knowledge of generative AI tech stack with experience implementing the backend SDK features for scalable smart AI services , projects and/or scalable game projects.


Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define and implement AI features and functionalities for the Metaverse platform.
Design and develop scalable and efficient AI algorithms and systems to support real-time interactions within virtual environments.
Implement the SDK backend and brain module to seamlessly integrate with Unreal Engine, enabling prompt input and output of AI interactions.
Optimize AI algorithms for performance and resource utilization, ensuring smooth operation across various hardware platforms.
Conduct thorough testing and debugging of AI systems, identifying and resolving issues to ensure high-quality deliverables.
Stay updated on the latest advancements in AI technologies and techniques, incorporating innovative solutions into the Metaverse platform.
Provide technical leadership and mentorship to junior team members, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment.


Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field.
Proven experience (+3 years) in AI development, with a focus on designing and implementing AI algorithms and systems.
Extensive knowledge of machine learning techniques, deep learning frameworks (e.g., TensorFlow, PyTorch), and AI development tools.
Strong proficiency in C++, Python, and other relevant programming languages.
Experience with game development engines, particularly Unreal Engine, and familiarity with plugin development.
Solid understanding of software engineering principles, including object-oriented design, data structures, and algorithms.
Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail, with the ability to troubleshoot and debug complex issues.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively within a team environment.

Nice to have/Preferred/Bonus skills:

Master's degree or PhD in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, or related field or equivalent.
Knowledge of network programming and multiplayer game architectures.
Experience with cloud computing platforms and distributed systems.
Contributions to open-source projects or AI research publications.
Prior experience participating in building an MMO, Metaverse or a AAA game / metaverse project
Experience in optimising, profiling and debugging in Unreal Engine 5

 Team Structure:

You will be an integral part of a UE game engineering team (Seedworld), working closely with other UE engineers, backend engineers and also in contact with the design and art teams for development of bridged NPCs gameplay feature prototyping or implementation guidance

100% remote

-21 days of holidays / year + local bank holidays.
-Sick days.
-Budget for training / courses.
-Budget towards purchasing work equipment such as laptop.