Senior Test Engineer

Product Team /
Full-time /
Company Overview:
Join Seedify, the #1 Blockchain Gaming Launchpad and Incubation Ecosystem, at the forefront of driving innovation in the gaming, blockchain and Web3 industries. Our mission is to empower project developers and innovators through funding, community building, and a comprehensive support system. At Seedify, we are committed to shaping the future of gaming and blockchain technology.
Key Responsibilities:
1.     Test Planning and Design: Develop detailed test plans and cases based on product requirements, ensuring comprehensive coverage and understanding of the product's functionality and edge cases.
2.     Test Automation: Implement and maintain automated test suites using advanced scripting and automation tools, enhancing testing efficiency and integration processes.
3.     Quality Leadership: Lead and mentor a team of test engineers and product team members, promoting proactive quality assurance practices and fostering a culture of shared responsibility for quality. Help define and drive our test engineering strategy.
4.     Collaboration with Development Teams: Work closely with software developers to understand product intricacies, ensuring that testing strategies align with development goals and identifying issues early in the development process and being involved all the way from ideation to delivery of new user features.
5.     Continuous Improvement: Regularly evaluate and enhance testing processes and tools, keeping abreast of the latest testing methodologies, tools, and industry best practices.
6.     Performance and Security Testing: Ensure the product meets functional requirements and performs optimally under various conditions, adhering to stringent security standards.
7.     User-Centric Testing Approach: Adopt a user-centric approach to testing, focusing on user scenarios and preferences to deliver a positive user experience.
8.     Advocacy for Quality: Champion the importance of testing and quality assurance throughout the product development cycle.
Team Structure:
You will be an integral part of a multi-disciplinary product development team, collaborating closely with other test engineers across various teams.
Company Culture:
·       Fully remote, global operation.
·       Agile work environment.
·       Strong emphasis on user-centric development.
·       Proud of the products we build, but always looking for improvements.
Career Development Opportunities:
·       Opportunities for rapid growth and advancement into roles with more technical responsibility or management positions.
·       100% remote
·       Timezone: flexible, but working hours must be in the range between 9AM and 10PM (UTC time).
·       4+ Years of experience working as a Test Engineer or Senior Test Engineer.
·       Familiar with Web3 ecosystem, wallets & transactions, IDOs & ICOs, DeFi (staking, farming, liquidity pools), omnichain.
·       Experience working on a user-centric product development environment.
·       Experience leading teams of developers and fostering a quality-focused environment.
·       Knowledge of Test Case management tools like TestRail.
·       Bachelor’s degree in computer science or similar, or related education.
·       Basic knowledge of programming skills and frameworks (Selenium, Cypress).
·       21 days of holidays / year + local bank holidays.
·       Sick days.
·       Budget for training / courses.
·       Budget towards purchasing work equipment such as laptop.
·       $5000 -$8000 per month
·       In addition to monthly salary paid in stablecoins (USDT), there will be a big bonus in SFUND token payable every 6 months.
$5,000 - $8,000 a month