2D Character Concept Artist (Senior)

Seedworld Studios /
Full-time /
We are looking for a talented, creative, and collaborative Senior 2D Character Concept Artist to work on one of the biggest AAA metaverse title ever Seedworld

Your portfolio should highlight your character design process, from initial sketches to full-color illustrations, and showcase a range of styles and character types.

- Work closely with the Concept Art Team to conceptualize and create character designs that align with the project's overall vision and narrative.
- Develop detailed character sketches and turnarounds, including facial expressions, costumes, and accessories, to guide the Production team.
- Explore a wide range of character styles and archetypes, ensuring diversity and uniqueness in character designs.
- Collaborate with writers and designers to ensure characters effectively embody the story's themes and character arcs.
- Provide multiple design options and iterations based on team feedback, demonstrating flexibility and creativity within design constraints.
- Create mood boards and color palettes to establish the character's visual style and personality.
- Be updated abreast of trends in character design across games, films, and animation, incorporating innovative techniques and styles into your work.

Required Qualifications:
- Advanced portfolio demonstrating a variety of character designs, from initial concepts to finalized illustrations.
- Proficiency with digital art tools and software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and other relevant applications.
- Excellent understanding of human and animal anatomy, proportion, and character design principles.
- Ability to adapt to different artistic styles and to work within specified style guides.
- Smooth communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.
- Previous experience as a character concept artist in the gaming, animation, or film industry is highly preferred.