Stylized 3D Artist (Mid/Senior)

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Full-time /
We are looking for a creative individual to join our team as a Mid/Senior Stylized 3D Artist. The responsibilities of the Mid/Senior Stylized 3D Artist include creating images using computers, creating 3D models of products, and managing multiple deadlines.

To be a successful Mid/Senior Stylized 3D Artist, you should be detail-oriented, flexible, and a good team player. Ultimately, a top-notch 3D artist is creative and artistic with a strong working knowledge of color, texture, and light as well as industry-standard software.

Mid/Senior Stylized 3D Artist Responsibilities:
• Using 3D modeling, texture, mapping, and other techniques to create graphics, visual effects, and animations.
• Collaborating with Animators and other artists and attending meetings.
• Understanding the project requirements and conceptualizing creative ideas.
• Creating storyboards to visualize scenes and create a realistic environment for movies, games, and other visual effects.
• Receiving feedback from directors, animators, designers, and clients, and editing your creations based on the comments received.
• Reviewing 3D arts and recommending improvements.
• Creating 3D sculpts and assets to meet artistic standards.
• Troubleshooting any problems that arise.
• Meeting with clients, Designers, and Directors to discuss and review deadlines.

Mid/Senior Stylized 3D Artist Requirements:
• Certificate, associate's degree, or bachelor's degree in graphic design or a related field.
• 3D artists in medical illustration must have a working knowledge of biology.
• An advanced portfolio.
• Advanced working knowledge of industry-standard software, including Maya, ZBrush, Unreal Engine, etc.
• Excellent creativity and artistic skills.
• An eye for composition, realism, texture, color, and lighting.
• Good communication and teamwork skills.
• Excellent time management skills.
• Willingness to remain up-to-date on the latest creative software and hardware.