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Seer Interactive is a digital marketing consultancy that harnesses compassion, data, and technology to make a mark on our communities - our coworkers, our clients, our industry, and our neighbors. We believe in relentlessly pursuing (and sharing) the truth – bringing together millions of data points from quantitative and qualitative sources to base our decisions on. Our purpose is to unlock potential for our communities mentioned above. Our vision is a world where it’s easy to do the right thing throughout those communities. If you’re ready to uplift others, challenge your ego, commit to the truth, and be better than yesterday – keep reading.

Seer is a remote first agency and Certified B-Corp with team members working across the country. If an office environment is more your style, this position can also sit in Philadelphia or San Diego.

What about you? As a seasoned and strategic B2B Marketer, you will bring your strong leadership chops and extensive hands-on experience to act as a player-coach in driving Seer’s marketing strategy and efforts. -  You will ideate, lead and execute marketing initiatives to enhance brand visibility and drive quality MQL generation to hit your outlined goals. 

Your role is responsible for developing the Marketing Division’s annual goals and strategic plan.  You’ll also be responsible for overseeing, implementing + executing Seer’s organic social media, thought leadership, and content strategy. You have a successful track record in generating Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) for startups, agencies or tech/software-enabled consultancies through creative and impactful marketing tactics, both evergreen and campaign-based. You’re used to being hands on and leading from the front!

Beyond your technical and strategic expertise, your strength lies in your exceptional leadership and strategic executive communication skills. You've fostered a collaborative and innovative work environment that encourages creativity, excellence and a strong test-and-learn mindset. We can’t wait to meet you!

You'll work closely with our Founder + CEO on all things AI/ChatGPT. Check out his LinkedIn posts to see what he's leaning into, and watch him chat through what would make a great Director of Marketing! Experience in a digital marketing agency is required.

Your Compensation and Benefits will look like…

    • $100,000-$125,000 / year. Your final offered compensation will be determined based on your skills and experience 
    • Evaluation of comp at least once a year
    • Snippets of our highlighted benefits: (not comprehensive)
    • Recharge week: 1 week PTO before starting
    • Unlimited PTO with a 3 week minimum/year requirement and Flexible Fridays
    • Reduced Holiday Hours from Christmas through New Year’s for the whole team to unplug and recharge
    • 13 paid company holidays, including Employee Appreciation Days & Mental Health Days
    • Joining us 100% remotely? You’ll receive a $400 Remote Office setup stipend to set up your workspace

Here are some highlights of what you’ll be doing…

    • You lead the Marketing Division at Seer, you will own, develop and execute Seer’s marketing strategy accountable to leading and lagging marketing KPIs and MQL goals for our new business sales pipeline
    • You will be the driver for Seer's marketing approach across our website, events, content strategy, email campaigns, blogs, newsletter, social media and other channels, setting the tone for the brand's voice, and ensuring a consistent and impactful online presence
    • You will develop and execute a content marketing strategy that prioritizes quality and value over quantity, ensuring that all content aligns with our brand's values and business objectives,  leading to increased lead generation and conversions
    • Utilize HubSpot to its fullest potential, managing and optimizing our marketing automation, email marketing, lead nurturing, and analytics to drive targeted and effective campaigns.
    • You will exhibit a strong test-and-learn mindset and demonstrate experience in hypothesis testing. You will consistently monitor and analyze content performance metrics to continually refine and improve our content strategy, ensuring alignment with our value-driven approach.
    • You will develop and implement a robust brand and content strategy to enhance engagement within our target audiences, leading to increased lead generation and conversions
    • You will collaborate with Divisions across the organization to enhance our website, implementing solutions that remove friction and deepen site engagement
    • Collaborating closely with the Business Development division, you will synchronize marketing and sales objectives, overseeing lead generation and employing data from tools like Google Analytics and Hubspot. 
    • As the owner of the Marketing budget, you will actively engage in the annual budget development process alongside the Seer Executive Team, ensuring resources are allocated for maximum impact
    • As a hands-on mentor for your team, you will set performance expectations and success metrics, foster a culture of feedback, growth, and learning, and lead by example in thought leadership by representing Seer Interactive at industry events and conferences. You will manage Seer’s Sales Development Rep, and will help them formulate and optimize email outreach tactics

The skills you’ll bring to the table…

    • Hubspot CMS, analytics and reporting
    • Analyzing engagement data from social media platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, X, and TikTok
    • GA4 (you’re a little obsessed with website performance!)
    • ABM tools and techniques, you’ve worked with SDRs and you’ve built impactful and measurable outreach campaigns that have generated MQLs
    • You’ve worked with a thought leader in your industry space - promoting ideas and services
    • You thrive with building and doing: you’ve developed and executed innovative and holistic marketing strategies, brand development and management that have elevated brand positioning and driven business growth, while ensuring consistency across all channels, including robust social media channel management
    • You have experience working closely with sales teams and you can speak their language and get them to understand yours
    • You are data-obsessed: utilizing data-driven insights at every turn to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, iterate, and make recommendations
    • You have extensive expertise in using cutting-edge AI and automation technologies such as ChatGPT4 and zapier. Your skill in harnessing AI, automation, and MarTech tools enables you to extract valuable insights, streamline marketing efforts, and drive the generation of high-quality MQLs, all while fostering innovation and efficiency in content and campaign strategies
    • You experience building ROI business cases to secure funding for marketing initiatives, demonstrating a strong leadership presence in financial decision-making
    • You have experience leading & managing marketing team members, providing guidance, mentorship, and professional development opportunities

Success After 90 Days Looks Like…

    • You will have demonstrated the ability to conduct successful tests and begun to generate a pipeline of leads
    • You will have fostered relationships with each of Seer’s division executives to understand their needs and goals, and have produced/updated our annual marketing strategy and plan ready for execution
    • You have identified, and begun to develop performance expectations and success metrics for the Marketing function, that align with the business plan
    • You will have created a roadmap of objectives for the Marketing Division that support overall business goals, and defined and allocated the resources you need to accomplish them

Your most important qualities to be successful at Seer…

    • Truth Seeker
    • Innovative
    • Humble
    • Data Driven 
    • People Centric
    • Authentic

You'll go the extra mile with these Bonus Points...

    • You’ve led marketing efforts at agency or consultancy with a strong thought leadership presence and value-driven marketing efforts
    • You have experience bringing new agency or brand products and solutions to the market such as new AI solutions, software tools or platforms
    • You enjoy and participate in thought leadership, and regularly present at conferences and events
$100,000 - $125,000 a year
Your final offered compensation will be determined based on your skills and experience
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Sometimes the best opportunities are hidden by self-doubt. We disqualify ourselves before we have the opportunity to be considered. Regardless of where you came from, how you identify, or the path that led you here-- you are welcome. If you read this job description with a belly full of excitement, we’re just as excited about you. You have to apply though :)