Sr. Project Coordinator

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At Seer, we pride ourselves on innovation; standing out among the rest and enabling our clients to do the same. We're a Digital Marketing Agency powered by Big Data to drive integrated, holistic strategy for our clients. We get excited at the thought of bringing together millions of data points from disparate data sets (including qualitative!) to drive empathy-fueled opportunities and insights at scale. Big Data, automation, and problem solving at scale: it's what's for breakfast. Could this be love? Maybe.

This is a contract-to-hire position. The Sr. Project Coordinator will join us as a full-time contractor for 3-6 months with an option to join us as a full-time teammate following their contract period.

What about you? You’re a natural at time and project management. You can run a meeting with executives, keep deliverables running smoothly, and streamline processes all at the same time. You think critically, can push back when necessary, and you’re always ready to ask questions to dig in further on the newest project . You pay attention to the details without losing sight of the big picture and help your team to do the same. Managing complex project timelines, competing priorities, and keeping track of profitability is your jam. You’re the Sr. Project Coordinator that teams dream of-- we can’t wait to meet you!

Here are some highlights of what you'll be doing...

    • You’ll sit at the intersection of Data Strategy, Analytics, and Marketing-- driving integration across all divisions, streamlining processes, and ensuring key stakeholders have a clear view of where all initiatives stand, paired with the action items needed to drive them forward.
    • You’ll shadow and eventually attend meetings on the CEO/VP’s behalf, bringing project details back and helping to determine priorities. Over time, you will develop the skills to determine priorities on your own.
    • You’ll work with Execs and key stakeholders who have big ideas for driving innovation. You balance excitement with realistic expectations, push back when needed, and ensure we’re hitting goals along the way.
    • You whip notes into action items with ease, distilling tons of complex information into an easily digested roadmap for getting us over the finish line. You speak the language of Execs, and they love you for it!
    • You’ll help to manage the projects our CEO/VP spends time on, working with our Office Manager on scheduling and building out sprints in our Project Management tool: Monday.
    • You’ll be surrounded by innovation, immersing yourself in the exciting work happening across each division. You will bubble up new opportunities and ideas, client and team successes, as well as updates across the Search industry. 
    • You’ll interact with, interpret and create dashboards in PowerBI to assist in data-backed decision making and better understand the projects we are working on while ensuring stakeholders have a live view of how we’re pacing.
    • You’ll track hours and costs to keep projects within budget, raising red flags to finance and escalating to management as needed.
    • You’ll lead on-going process improvements for driving greater efficiency in our project organization and create project documentation as necessary.

The skills you'll bring to the table...

    • Your communication skills are unmatched. From wrangling Execs, to running meetings and making decisions, your poise and tact establishes trust while your confidence enables you to deliver.
    • You’re a seasoned PM with experience wrangling folks at the upper levels of the C-suite. Perhaps you have experience as a Chief of Staff? We should definitely talk!
    • You’re known for streamlining processes and driving operational efficiency to maximize the time and efforts of your team. Automation opportunities? You’re all over them.
    • You have no problem hopping into meetings with Execs and asking the tough questions to get the info you need to move forward.
    • You’re self-directed with a team-first mentality. You’ve worked across multiple departments, while managing up and across stakeholders to drive integration, meet deadlines, and exceed goals.
    • Documentation is your middle name. You keep a tight track record on all things, with the ability to distill complex information and spin up a prioritized list of action items for all parties involved.
    • You understand digital marketing and keep a close ear on what’s happening in the industry. You’re passionate about learning and identifying new opportunities to level up your team.
    • You’re a champion of process and ongoing improvements, educating the team on project management best practices while keeping your eyes/ears open for new opportunities to drive workflow efficiency
    • You are quick to find workarounds for surprise roadblocks. Your strong communication, organization, and time management skills are unmatched, and your team loves you for them!
Sometimes the best opportunities are hidden by self-doubt. We disqualify ourselves before we have the opportunity to be considered. Regardless of where you came from, how you identify, or the path that led you here-- you are welcome. If you read this job description with a belly full of excitement, we’re just as excited about you. You’ve gotta apply though :)