PPC Team Lead

The Job
At Seer, we pride ourselves on innovation; on standing out among the rest and enabling our clients do to the same. We do this by offering best in class brand strategy, backed by data, and driven through a variety of interactive tools that fuel our passion for the digital space.

You, the Team Lead we’ve been dreaming about, will level us up even further. Your ideas are unconventional, fresh, and smart. Your passion for people and ‘team’ is unprecedented. You create and execute strategy with the best of them, but you’re a ‘do-er’ too. You’ll roll up your sleeves in an instant to show a member of your team how it’s done, and help them understand the ‘why’ behind a task so we are all constantly learning.

You’re not a show off, but you’re not shy about success or illustrating how PPC tests can have broader business impact beyond clicks and conversions. You’re stoked about the opportunity to influence; executives, clients, and certainly, your team. You’re addicted to growth and development and it shows by your ability to create success for the people that surround you. Your success is seen through your team’s success. You’ve got the chops of a first-rate account manager; in addition to managing a team, you drool at the opportunity to manage PPC strategy for some of Seer’s largest accounts. You’ll want to work with the team to ensure clients not only hit, but exceed their goals. You believe thinking innovatively isn’t just a bonus, but a way of life. You’re at the forefront of an always changing industry, and think staying on top of engine updates, new betas and features is just a part of the day to day. A true thought leader.You’re a storyteller; creating a narrative to gain client buy-in is something you could do in your sleep. You engage with C-level executives with ease, treating their campaigns like your own and building solid partnerships along the way. Answering tactical questions about CTR and quality score is great, but you really love opportunities to talk high level marketing strategy. In short, your job is to ensure our clients’ success and your team’s growth and development.

The Skills
-4+ years of hands-on PPC experience, including familiarity with search, social, display and video advertising channels  
-3+ years of client management experience
-2+ years in a managerial role, with direct reportsExperience managing -Paid Campaigns across various platforms like AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
-Strong conflict resolution; ability to diffuse high intensity situations for clients and team members
-Exceptional leadership skills; strong ability to help team members with differing backgrounds and skill levels achieve success
-Extremely organized and great at managing to deadlines
-Polished communication skills; ability to drive conversation with C-level executives comfortably, as well as those who don’t “get” digital, and tie our tactics to their business goals
-Sound ability to assess the effectiveness of PPC strategies and translate them into data driven business decisions

-PPC Leadership Team: work closely with Director and Team Leads on the vision and growth of the division
-Revenue: growing divisional revenues; cross selling, up-selling, and/or acquiring new clients from referrals
-Client retention: building & maintaining strong relationships with clients by creating success and positive results
-Team development: managing & developing a subset of Seer’s PPC team
-Recruiting: experience sourcing and selecting new members for your awesome team
-Thought leadership: ability and desire to write about the latest industry trends, tests and trials to share Seer POV’s with clients and communities

Bonus Points
-Previous experience in driving general marketing: creating, implementing, and managing strategy to achieve business goals
-Previous agency experience
-Experience across other digital marketing channels including email, media, RTB, affiliate, SEO etc.