Recruiting Manager - Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA
HR and Recruiting

The Job
Welcome to the People Operations team. At Seer, we pride ourselves on innovation; on standing out among the rest and enabling our clients to do the same. We do this by offering best in class digital strategy, backed by data, and driven through a variety of interactive tools that fuel our passion for the digital space.

You, the people person of of our dreams, understand that people are any organization's best asset. That belief translates into how you operate: with a crazy high level of care starting from your first interaction with a prospective candidate all the way through managing a tenured team member's last day with Seer. Your personality and demeanor naturally puts people at ease; your ability to quickly build rapport with stakeholders internally and externally is enviable. You have a passion for seeing and supporting growth; whether that means finding the perfect candidate to help the agency continue to evolve, or helping a team member reach new heights, you get energy from seeing these things through.

You are little type A; calling you organized is a bit of an understatement. Dropped in the middle of mayhem, after a few hours, you will have found a way to systematize process so we don't encounter the same problem a second time. Oh, and you're creative; you understand policy and HR regulation, but you take a human and creative approach to compliance and it really resonates with the team. As if you're not already awesome enough, because you're so forward-looking and such an overachiever, you've added marketing to your skill set. The competition out there for talent is TOUGH! You know it takes more than searching on LinkedIn and utilizing cold outreach methods to attract talent. You've found ways to leverage search and brand to attract candidates to roles you're working.

Here are some highlights of what you'll be doing:

- You'll collaborate with Seer's People Team, Marketing, Design, Content, SEO and Paid Search folks to execute creative recruiting campaigns and build candidate pipelines.
- Keeping in stride with Seer's mantra always be testing, you'll test various sourcing strategies including paid ads and content pieces and you'll track their effectiveness, too!
- You'll own sourcing strategies, conduct phone screens, manage the candidate interview process, offer extension and on-boarding for various open roles throughout the agency ranging from junior to C-level.
- You like a good challenge and agree that change should be a constant; because of that you'll make regular changes and additions to all things people: job descriptions, the interview process, on-boarding steps, you name it. Your goal is to always make interviewing and working at Seer the best it can be.
- You are someone the team can trust; because of that, you'll help folks to navigate questions surrounding sensitive situations, benefits, training, and miscellaneous Seer-process related stuff.
- You're a natural at networking and building relationships; you'll love partnering with local organizations, colleges and universities to get the Seer message out and give back to the community by the way of educating young minds on agency life and the best way to approach careers in the digital space

The Skills

- Have a color coded & prioritized inbox? Familiar with tools like Follow Up Then, Trello and Basecamp? Yeah, you're as buttoned up and as efficient as they come.
- You hate the phrase "think outside the box," do people really think in boxes? You have a strong ability to problem solve and break complex challenges in way that allows you to build digestible, executable solutions.
- You're too humble to call yourself a "pro" but you sorta are when it comes to recruiting. You've pretty much seen it all and can jump right in to own the full-cycle recruiting process for the roles that you'll own at Seer.
- HR law and regulation doesn't necessarily excite you, but ensuring compliance in way that grants our team members freedom, the ability to be autonomous, and use great judgement sure does.
- Excellent judgement. You've got it. Period. You operate with the utmost confidentiality, discretion, and respect
- While you can operate independently with the best of 'em to get stuff done, being a part of a cohesive team, sharing in both success and failure, makes coming to work each day matter (read: TEAMWORK!).
- You may not have grown up excelling in the tech space and you've had your fair share of battles with "tech stuff" but somehow, you've managed to wrap your arms the latest digital marketing recruitment trends. You're inspired by how paid search, social and inbound marketing can fuel your candidate pipeline and you have experience leveraging those tools to get the talent you need.

Bonus Points

- What! You have a digital marketing background and have run social and paid campaigns on your own?
- Previous agency'd we get so lucky!
- You have insane amounts of hustle; we should probably talk.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.