Analytics Team Lead

San Diego, CA
At Seer, we prides ourselves on innovation; on standing out among the rest and enabling our clients do to the same. We do this by offering best in class digital analytics strategy, enabled through a variety of tools that fuel our passion for the space.

You, the Team Lead of our dreams, are an innately analytical problem-solver who never loses sight of the big-picture. To say you ‘think outside the box’ would be an understatement; you approach every challenge from an innovative, unique perspective. At the same time, you’re able to translate even the most complex, insights into an easily-digestible explanation for non-technical folks. No matter how much creating and implementing strategy is your bread and butter though, you’re still able to roll up your sleeves and use your technical chops to get stuff done.

You also aren’t just looking out for number one; you’re invested in the success of others and strive to ensure that your team, division, and company are always on a positive growth trajectory. Nothing fulfills you more than mentoring, developing talent and winning as a team. We win or lose as a team.

The Skills

    • You have 4+ years of kick-ass digital analytics experience.
    • You could teach a class on Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics (configurations, tracking techniques and implementations)— your depth of knowledge in either GA or Adobe (or both!) is pretty damn impressive.
    • You considered getting a Dynamic Tag Manager or Google Tag Manager tattoo, and you totally geek out over Custom tags.
    • ‘Developer’ might be an overstatement, but you know all the ins-and-outs of HTML and Javascript. Reading and interpreting programming languages is a piece of cake
    • You’re a top shelf digital analytics strategist, who seeks to understand a new businesses, identify website KPIs and develop measurement strategies.
    • You’re no stranger to agency-life. After years of juggling multiple clients in a deadline-driven environment, you’ve become an expert-level multi-tasker
    • Revenue Responsibility: You’ve played an integral role in growing your division’s revenue through cross selling, up-selling, and/or acquiring new clients from referrals
    • Retention responsibility: You have a proven track-record of building meaningful client relationships that  foster collaboration and, most importantly, positive results
    • Recruiting responsibility: You’ve been super hands-on with Recruiting the best-of-the-best for your team People Management Pro: You’ve mastered the art of leading without micromanaging. You hold your team to high-standard and you’re able to effectively deliver feedback when someone isn’t meeting expectations.
    • Master of Mentorship: You take a hands-on approach to training team members and never shy away from an opportunity to show someone ‘the ropes.’ Your killer communication skills and seemingly endless patience make you the perfect teacher. Conflict Resolution: Successful mediation in high intensity situations with clients and team-members alike Natural Born Leader: People simply gravitate towards you. Your team rallies around you and you’re a constant source of inspiration for Interns and Senior-level team members alike
    • World Class Communication Skills: You’re a social chameleon who knows how to tailor your approach to your audience.  Whether you’re pitching a C-level Exec or explaining a highly-technical concept to someone with no prior knowledge of Digital Marketing, you ensure that they fully grasp how the data ties back to business goals
    • You’re committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends in the Analytics-space and you inspire your team-members to be on top of their game

Bonus Points

    • You’ve spoken at Industry Events? We love thought-leaders who share their knowledge with the world
    • You’ve contributed to a company’s strategic mission and goals by participating as a member of the Leadership Team? Sweet!You’ve dabbled in more than just Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics: Coremetrics, or Webtrends - let’s talk!
    • Other tag managers? Tealium? Signal? We’re definitely intrigued.
    • Grabbing and combining data from different silos using API’s is old hat? Dude!You’ve been involved in PPC and SEO campaign evaluation? Yes!
    • Playing XBOX is fun but, nothing beats R, Python, or Data Science