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At Seer, we pride ourselves on innovation; standing out among the rest and enabling our clients to do the same. We're a Digital Marketing Agency powered by Big Data to drive integrated, holistic strategy for our clients. We get excited at the thought of bringing together millions of data points from disparate data sets (including qualitative!) to drive empathy-fueled opportunities and insights at scale. Big Data, automation, and problem solving at scale: it's what's for breakfast. Could this be love? Maybe.

Craving to get back in the office? Don't worry-- this position can sit in sunny San Diego or our Philadelphia HQ.

What about you? You, the SDR Manager of our dreams, are addicted to results. You have a proven track-record of turning inspiration into execution; even in the absence of instruction. You’re comfortable with getting scrappy and using all the tools at your disposal to develop revenue pipeline. Phone, email, social media, chat, direct mail, videos, writing blog posts -- nothing is too big or too small to test. You know that unique customer needs always outweigh scale and work to find that balance. 

You pride yourself on leaving a legacy everywhere you go and Seer is no exception. You’re results-oriented and so are we. After a couple months, you will be able to pinpoint the impact your work had on revenue, process, and Seer overall. You’re excited to take on a “start-up” role in an established organization and create a new tributary of revenue into the company.

Here are some highlights of what you'll be doing...

    • Create and execute an “all-bound” SDR strategy that accelerates our revenue pipeline from inbound MQLs, existing SQLs, and outbound target accounts. 100% own this program’s strategy and execution as a one-person team [to start].
    • Work with internal cross-functional teams (marketing, sales, division leadership, and practitioners) to develop and execute on continually optimized strategies including content, testing, and identifying qualified audience targets.
    • Develop a community of relationships based on providing consultative outreach with valuable insights and built on Seer’s ETHIC values
    • Plain and simple, you get shit done. Nothing frustrates you more than bottlenecks and waiting around to execute on something. You’re motivated by creating and nailing scoreboards and you have the agility to move multiple projects at once.
    • Re-engaging SQLs (lost deals / clients / points of contacts) when a closer deems them no longer engaged enough for the personal outreach
    • Surface and nurture MQLs from marketing's lists (email, webinars, events) and website traffic
    • Strategize and execute innovative ways to bring in cold leads that Seer could help

The skills you'll bring to the table...

    • Positive and energetic communication skills -- listening closely to the clues created through relationship building and returning valuable, custom insights. You emotional intelligence is off the charts.
    • You’re a natural at managing and growing communities and relationships -- through social media, networking, email, and any communication channel you can get your hands on.
    • You love any opportunity to test. That’s why you’ve done things like creating your own website to run Google Analytics on. Who would pass up the opportunity for free testing with zero risk?
    • You thrive in an environment that allows you to work on multiple high-priority projects simultaneously. You have the project management skills to prioritize high impact projects, get them done, and confidence to backburner projects that aren’t as close to your goals.
    • A data-backed approach -- you can develop, maintain, and hit KPIs that tell the story of what’s working, what’s not, and where we need to optimize

Bonus Points...

    • Managed SDR Teams?! Let’s talk.
    • Used Marketing automation tools like HubSpot or Pardot? Yes!
    • Digital marketing practitioner turned towards a sales career!? You.
Sometimes the best opportunities are hidden by self-doubt. We disqualify ourselves before we have the opportunity to be considered. Regardless of where you came from, how you identify, or the path that led you here-- you are welcome. If you read this job description with a belly full of excitement, we’re just as excited about you. You’ve gotta apply though :)