Intermediate Software Developer

Victoria, BC /
Software Engineering – Genomics Team /
Full Time
About Semaphore

Founded by software industry experts, Semaphore is the leading global provider of software solutions for high throughput and high complexity molecular diagnostic laboratories. Our clients are pushing the limits of genetic sequencing and other molecular diagnostic technologies to fight cancer, increase diagnostic accuracy, and improve health outcomes for the general population. Molecular diagnostics is playing a key role in the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and our clients are also providing critical high-volume testing capacity for their geographical areas.

Semaphore offers a unique combination of software and services that is enabling our clients to realize the full potential of genomic science. Our client base is global, concentrated mainly in the United States. As our team grows, we look to include more people motivated to solve interesting problems and to collaborate on original solutions. 


We are seeking an Intermediate Full-Stack Developer passionate about applying their skills to a complex domain and solving real-world problems in modern healthcare.

About the Opportunity

The successful applicant will be applying their software development skills to building software systems that support the operations of high complexity laboratories. The systems we build range from fully custom software to highly complex solutions built on advanced platforms. We emphasize quality in all the work we deliver, supported by a software engineering process refined by years of critical software system delivery.

Some of our roles include on call work outside of normal working hours and there is a possibility the successful applicant may join a team providing development services and on-call support to a strategically important client. Scheduling specifics can be discussed during the interview process, to better understand preferences around operating within a 24/7 support team context.

What to Expect

Within One Month

    • You’ll ramp up on your project's engineering stack by collaborating with your peers. 
    • You’ll learn Semaphore’s implementation process, code standards, key milestones, and configuration requirements.
    • You’ll become comfortable with our collaboration tools (Slack, Github, Jira, GSuite, and Confluence).
    • You’ll learn how it all works within Semaphore: the team roles, the interactions, the metrics, the processes.
    • You’ll participate in the on-call rotation 

Within Three Months

    • You’ll be fully ramped up on the tech stack, tools, metrics, and you’ll be able to hold your own in a code review. You’ll become familiar with domain terminologies and processes. 
    • You’ll be implementing full features for distribution to our customers.
    • You’ll be comfortable applying your unique technical and personal expertise gained from previous companies and projects. 
    • You'll have celebrated at least one company milestone at Semaphore, and you’ll have started contributing to company culture feeding your own unique flavour into the company culture.  
    • You’ll know the capabilities of your team members, and trust them to get their jobs done. 
    • You will take on a primary role in on-call service rotations

Within Six Months

    • You’ll feel comfortable with the tech stack, and you’ll understand the communication patterns and common pitfalls in projects. 
    • You'll have identified areas in which you’d like to grow, and will have our support in doing so. 
    • You’ll be confident interacting with clients, helping them use the systems we’ve implemented.
    • You’ll demonstrate understanding and proficiency in one or more of the following: application architecture, using and building APIs, configuration, disaster recovery, platform security, DevOps, or your unique skill set
    • You’ll start engaging with the estimation and scoping process for new clients.
    • You’ll be able to discuss feature requirements with client stakeholders and make design decisions.

Beyond Six Months

    • You’ll be able to identify common patterns for customization, system interoperability, automation, and develop reusable tools or processes to inform our future client engagements. 
    • You’ll support the team by providing informed advice, custom solutions and consultative implementation support for our growing client base. 
    • You’ll have a solid picture of how software plays a critical role in the management of our clients' businesses.
    • You’ll take feedback from peers and identify your career path and how Semaphore fits in it.
    • You’ll have a sense of Semaphore’s growth, and feel comfortable contributing your ideas that improve your team and the overall company.
    • You’ll have engaged with our technical marketing and sales leads to share customer experience and satisfaction. If interested, you’ll have the option to participate in identifying new opportunities, service offerings, technical process improvements, or any area of interest. 

Our Technology

    • This position requires proven full-stack web application development experience with modern frameworks. Experience with any of the following technologies qualifies:  Front-end development: Angular, React, or other single-page application framework. Server development: Python, Java, .NET Core.
    • Beyond specific tech stacks, we want people who can identify the appropriate language, tools, and frameworks for the task at hand.
    • Our process is rooted in continuous improvement. We refine all our processes as we grow, including our Agile practice.
More About Us

Semaphore strives to have an environment where employees are free to be themselves and can find a sense of belonging. We value inclusiveness as we believe it is integral to a happy and innovative workplace. We offer competitive salaries, vacation, extended health/dental, flexible hours and options to work from home. Our downtown office is equipped with secure, street-level bike storage and sunny patio space for office events, lunch or meetings.

Please note that due to the current COVID pandemic, the Semaphore team is working fully remotely. As there is still uncertainty as to when distancing restrictions will ease, the requirement to work from home may change.