Engagement Manager (Remote)

San Diego /
Consulting /
Contract/Full Time
Excellent opportunity to join a growing top tier consulting company that is routinely employed by premium automotive manufacturers, their Tier N supply base, and advanced product manufacturers. Seraph prides itself on being hands-on and has an enviable record of delivering results. Candidate must embrace the Seraph culture of diligently fostering client partnerships, exceeding client expectations, and ultimately forging long term relationships. Candidate will work in highly-dynamic environments which typically include operational crisis recovery and efficiency-based initiatives. Candidate will be required to work individually or be part of a project teams led by a Senior Engagement Manager as required. Candidate must be able to deliver to bottom-line results and ensure gains are sustainable. Frequent travel both domestic and international as well as extended stays at the work location will be required.    

Roles and Responsibilities

    • Candidate will have minimal supervision and be responsible for leading complex operational projects.
    • Inject energy and passion into day to day recovery activities while engaging client’s management and workforce to empower, learn, motivate and ultimately deliver top performance.
    • Implementing data tracking, managing complex analyses, and preparing and delivering written and oral communications between client and project on-sight leadership.
    • Partner with, drive, and coach key client leadership and hourly workforce in order to gain an understanding of capabilities, enable the creation of an appropriate strategy, and aide in workforce development.
    • Implement discipline and structure at client’s project location as required to accelerate and sustain recovery/efficiency activities.
    • Master and utilize client’s existing tools, methodologies, and approaches where possible to analyze concerns and implement/track effective countermeasures.
    • Be the primary point of contact/project responsible for Seraph, client, and other stakeholders where project is located.
    • Deep dive assigned projects to determine if scope should be expanded to procure additional benefits for client and assist with expansion solicitation.
    • Lead teams on client site.
    • Manage complex client relationships.
    • Extract, track and deliver value to each client.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

    • Must have a bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing, Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical, or Industrial Engineering.
    • Must have successfully held senior level management position(s) with an OEM automotive manufacturer, Tier 1 JIT or JIS supplier, aerospace or an advanced technology commodity specializing in manufacturing relevance re: metal stamping, injection molding, quality, engineering or logistics for a minimum of 10yrs.
    • Must have been an integral part of a minimum of (2) Green/Brown Field OEM or Tier 1 supplier automotive or aerospace launches or (5) significant product launches with finite product maturity and delivery.
    • Successful applications of Program Mgmt. experience.
    • Working knowledge of APQP elements and application.
    • Working knowledge of Logistics infrastructure, e.g., MRP, PC, Warehouse Mgmt., Material Handling fundamentals.
    • Must possess excellent English language written, oral and client facing communication skills.
    • Competent in utilizing Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and Word programs.
    • Must be able to make travel arrangements, expense reimbursements.
    • Must possess valid, country of residence driver’s license.

Preferred Skills

    • Bi-lingual fluency in oral and written Spanish or German language.
    • Advanced level APQP experience.
    • Advanced warehouse mgmt., MRP and material handling experience.
    • Advance automotive metal stamping experience.
    • Advanced injection molding and industrial paint applications.