Senior Engineer (China)

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Our goal is to democratize building software via simple, elegant and powerful software development tools.

We're seeking a Senior Engineer to help contribute to the core architecture of the Chinese version of our flagship software development tool, the Serverless Framework. The Serverless Framework is one of the fastest-growing, most popular software development tools, and we're working on a specific version for the Chinese developer community.

If you are fluent in both Chinese and English, you're located in China, and have experience in public cloud platforms (e.g. AWS, Tencent Cloud), serverless infrastructure, and Node.js, we'd like to speak with you.


    • Working on all aspects of the Chinese version of the Serverless Framework Platform, from the customer-facing CLI to the back-end APIs.
    • Managing infrastructure on Tencent Cloud.
    • Contributing product ideas.
    • Speaking publicly about the tools and creating content that helps other developers learn how to use them.

Skills & Experience

    • Must be fluent in both English and Chinese (written and verbal).
    • Must be based in China.
    • Node.js
    • Express.js
    • Building CLIs in Node.js
    • Experience with public cloud platforms (e.g. AWS, Tencent Cloud)

Attributes We Look For

    • Passionate – We are obsessed with empowering developers by building the world's greatest software development tools. We seek those who are looking to master this craft, above all.
    • Self-Guided – We entrust each other with a lot of autonomy, and seek self-guided teammates who own initiatives, practice great judgement amidst ambiguity, communicate with stakeholders early and often, and focus on delivering, without distraction and oversight.
    • Reflective - Autonomy is best paired with accountability. We seek individuals that set measurable goals, report results and learn from them. Success is not expected, however learning is.