Lead Engineer

Product & Engineering – Engineering
We are on a mission to create a home maintenance service so simple to use that homeowners can just forget about it. We've built an exceptional team and have raised money from top-notch investors to make our vision a reality for homeowners of the world. The opportunity to take on a big role and have huge impact is very real. Our culture is collaborative, focused, and transparent.

When was the last time you had to deal with an issue with ssh, curl, or grep? Probably never, right? Yet they’re at the epicenter of what you do every single day. These programs just work. They provide a near-invisible user experience.

Without these basic tools (and many more), you wouldn’t be able to focus on your craft.

We want to give homeowners that same feeling, but for home maintenance. Imagine you owned a home, but you no longer needed to think about repairing your roof, or cleaning your windows, or keeping your lawn lusciously green … It all just happened on its own.

This is Setter’s mission: To Make Home Maintenance Invisible

The Role

    • Participate in the day-to-day sprint process
    • Identify areas of improvement for our system and architecture, and design a roadmap for implementing such improvements
    • Work with our product and design team to provide a technical perspective on the viability of solutions, thus contributing significantly to our roadmap and delivery pipeline
    • Impart knowledge on our team through lunch-and-learns, refactorings and pair programming

You Might Be a Good Fit If:

    • You love sharing knowledge and mentoring
    • You are familiar with Agile & Scrum methodologies
    • You have 5+ years of industry experience building high-performance and scalable systems
    • Bonus: You know your way around the JavaScript Ecosystem
    • Bonus: You’ve led teams in a technical basis before

    • React
    • TypeScript
    • React-Native
    • Redux & Mobx (separate projects)
    • NodeJS
    • ExpressJS
    • PostgreSQL
Our Guiding Principles:

The following are the cultural pillars of Setter. These are the values we strive to uphold every day.

Being “All-In”: We are proud of what we’ve created. And as such, we take ownership in the work that we do. We never say, “this is not my responsibility”. Instead we say, “How can I help?”. We never say, “this can’t be done”. Instead, we say, “How can we do this?”.

Showing Gumption: Having courage, boldness, initiative and an entrepreneurial drive is something we actively encourage. This is an ambitious startup, after all. You don’t really need to ask for permission here at Setter (Type 1 vs Type 2 decisions), nor do we look down at you if you tried something out and it didn’t work. In fact, we encourage experimentation!

Humility, Selflessness & Team-First Mentality: Accepting faults is really important at Setter because we view mistakes as opportunities to learn. There is a culture of inclusivity here, and any time something doesn’t go as expected, you won’t see any finger pointing. Given that this is a scrappy startup looking to move quickly, you might be asked to do something that is outside of your comfort zone, or something that you’re not an expert in. And that’s OK. What matters most is that you have a willing attitude to be helpful and eager to learn new things.

Embrace Kaizen: Kaizen is used here at Setter to represent a drive to continuously improve through small changes or iterations. From a software standpoint, this emphasizes our agile structure, and our philosophy that shipping something good today is better than shipping something perfect tomorrow. In other words: Pragmatism and simplicity over perfectionism and overengineering.

While focusing on doing the right thing, we embrace an atmosphere of creativity, belonging, and fun. At our core we're passionate, overachieving team players who believe in: Gumption, focus, and nurture. Together we are building the cities of the future.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace committed to building a team culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion. If you are contacted for an interview and require accommodation during the interviewing process, please let us know.

If this role doesn't quite meet everything you are looking for that's okay! Sign up to stay in touch, we’ll let you know when we have new positions on the team.