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As a Senior Product Manager at Seven Bridges genomics, you will ensure that the solutions we build are valuable, viable, usable, and feasible. As a player/coach in product management you will lead the evolution of Seven Bridges by establishing an empowered, product-driven organization. To this end, you will be responsible for a program funnel and backlog, operationalizing product management responsibilities to ensure the flow of value, and coaching product managers and owners in agile workflows and methodologies

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Strategy, roadmap, and program backlog
The Product Manager owns the tactical product strategy (which describes how we plan to accomplish the product vision and strategic themes set by the Strategy Manager). The strategy derives from focus, then leverages insights, converts these insights into action, and finally manages the work through to completion. To this end, the product manager is responsible for building a program roadmap and backlog that balances customer, scientific, technical, and business needs. The product roadmap should align with the strategic themes of the organization and the vision for the product and include a long-term direction for the overall program. The program backlog provides a prioritized set of features to the product owners and teams that aligns to release roadmaps based on delivery milestones.

Understanding customer, technical and business needs
Product managers represent the customer and business for their program. You will work alongside your core team conducting continuous exploration to ensure the solution is:
-Valuable: Our customers will buy the product and/or choose to use it 
-Viable: It will meet the needs of the businessUsable (Customer Insights and Research Partner, Product Designer, SEM’s, Program Managers)
-Feasible (Architect, Technical leads)

Together this team will own the problem and are responsible and accountable for the results to their Strategy Manager. These insights will be incorporated into feature refinement and both inform the roadmap and organization of the value proposition. Product management is responsible for maintaining alignment as priorities and scope change.

Incorporating Science, the Seven Bridges Differentiator
In addition to weighing revenue streams, business objectives and customer needs, this role will partner closely with Program Managers, Bioinformaticians, and Scientific Engagement managers to shape the roadmap based on scientific opportunities to advance biotechnology and precision medicine in service to the product evolution. Experience in developing technology products that ingest, harmonize and present large health and/or clinical datasets is required.

Establishing and Maintaining a Healthy program backlog
Product managers have content and prioritization authority for their program backlog. The product manager will identify and define features based on business objectives, time to market, risk, etc and encapsulate them into right sized deliverables/milestones. Defined features will then be placed into a program kanban and include a benefit hypothesis and acceptance criteria. They will then be analyzed for their impact using a backlog prioritization framework like WSJF, RICE, etc.  Features approved by product management are moved from the program Kanban to the program backlog and prioritized for implementation. 

Generating Estimates
The product manager will work alongside architects, engineering technical leads, program managers, SEM’s and Research/Design to generate estimates for all work in the program backlog. In addition, paid project work that can be factored into the product will be estimated by the product manager. These estimates will include assumptions, risks, and outline a roadmap and plan for execution.

Lead Program planning
During incremental planning, product management presents the roadmap and highest priority features of the program backlog to stakeholders, peers, and product owners from across the organization. Agile teams review what can be achieved based on capacity, dependencies, and technical knowledge. The planning team works together to define the overall objectives for a stated pre-defined period of time (ie: quarter). Based on the outputs of planning, product management updates the roadmap and adjusts the forecast for the next two quarters.

Validate features
A program level demo will be orchestrated by the product manager in collaboration with the product owners. This is an opportunity to gather feedback from primary stakeholders and review progress against the objectives and milestones. Product management validates features against the acceptance criteria and approves them for release. Metrics (value, viability, and usability) will be established and reported to primary stakeholders in a regular cadence.

Establishing and supporting empowered teams
This role will be essential in the establishment of processes, training, methods, and activities that empower our teams. The goal being to:reduce dependencies through the encapsulation of features encourage emergent design through defining the problem in a way that the teams can step up to craft and own solutions.

Do you have what it takes?

    • 8-10 years of experience in product management, product ownership, business analyst, product design, and/or project/delivery management. 
    • At least 3-5 years experience leading product development in a healthcare, life sciences, B2B, and/or clinical data environment.

It would be great if you had:

    • Demonstrated experience developing/launching products/technologies within one or more of the following: Clinical; Genomics; -Omics; RWE/RWD; Epidemiology; Data
    • Analysis/ Visualization/ Aggregation/ Interpretation; Semantics; Modeling 
    • Cradle-to-grave experience developing, innovating, and reinventing technical products 
    • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, [1-1, meetings, and podium style presentations]
    • Experience working across geographies and disciplines
    • Product management certification preferable.
What is in Seven Bridges’ DNA?

Our Mission: Seven Bridges will significantly decrease the time, cost and risk to bring new precision medicine products to market by maximizing the productivity of bio pharma/tech research and development organizations in; formulation, productization, identification, success and optimization.

Our Values: These represent who we are and what we stand for. We pride ourselves on being true to our values in everything we do. Building successful partnerships, acting with a sense of urgency, making scientists happy, acting with integrity, treating data with respect, committed to excellence and working together

Our team and culture: With backgrounds in genomics, computer science and computational biology to sales and finance our talented team is passionate about building solutions to the most challenging problems of precision medicine. We believe that teamwork makes the dream work! By acting with empathy, supporting each other and learning from our challenges we exemplify commitment to quality results faster.

Our perks: We offer challenging career opportunities, 401K matching, competitive benefits, unlimited PTO and an environment that recognizes and rewards performance.

Enough about us, let’s talk about you!

If you have gotten this far and are looking for the right balance of teamwork, challenge, fun and would like to help push genomics forward please send us your resume and a cover letter. If your qualifications fit the profile we are looking for we will contact you in a timely manner.