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At Seven Bridges we are building the most advanced cloud computing platform for genomics data analysis. Our team and product enable scientists to analyze genomic data faster and more efficiently than ever, so they can focus on making progress in genomics and personalized medicine. Through our collaboration with the largest genomics projects, we connect the world’s biomedical information to enable the most efficient analysis at scale. We are a global company with offices in the US, London, Serbia and more. We are roughly 300 employees and rapidly growing! Location can be US/Boston, Serbia or remote!

Do you want to help us engineer a healthier tomorrow, together?

The Director of Product is a key position that will work alongside the Technology Executive team to achieve the Seven Bridges objective of changing how we work from a project-based to a product & platform-based organization. Your tactical mindset paired with a steadfast devotion to enablement and execution will serve to establish an agile product ownership practice at Seven Bridges. As the Director of Product, you will play an essential role in driving the tactical execution of solutions for Seven Bridges Technology organization. This is a senior technical + product leadership role that requires extensive experience in team coaching & enablement, product ops, and agile methodologies to ensure continuous delivery across the software development life cycle.

What you'll be doing;

    • Coach, recruit, hire, retain and grow a product team 
    • Ensure product team partners with their scrum team members to deliver continuous, incremental, measurable value for our customers and the business.
    • Mentor and enable your team to establish objectives and key results that balance delivery cycles with quality and responsible scoping. 
    • Work closely with scrum masters to understand team velocity to guide planning, prioritization, and budgeting with executive leadership. 
    • Communicate progress by sprint with quarterly and annual summaries that delineate cost savings and delivery improvements.
    • Ensure there is alignment across our scrum teams to business and customer value propositions as they are defined through the Lean Business Case, Epics and Features.
    • Drive solutions and execution at the team level through agile practices that take into account both big-picture thinking and focused, incremental delivery cycles. 
    • Balance delivery cycles with realistic work in progress limits and quality assurance.
    • Partner with our agile coaches to lead the transformation from a project-based to product & platform-based working model. 
    • Exercise portfolio level thinking, cross-team syncs, deep listening, and collaborative framework development/evolution.
    • Work closely across product, design, architecture and engineering to ensure the teams operate effectively to understand the overarching user problems we are trying to solve. 
    • Generate hiring plans for upcoming budget cycles.
    • Provide coaching and clear direction on solutions and priorities through regular reviews of the team's user stories to ensure a healthy backlog.
    • Work with your team and across the organization to define and prioritize ways to deliver incremental value using metrics driven analysis that ties to customer satisfaction and return on investment. 
    • Implement KPI’s for your team as well as product outcomes that are tracked and communicated up and out.
    • Practice servant leadership by working proactively across the organization to remove team impediments, and build a network that sets product up for success, and foster mentoring/sponsorship opportunities.
    • Operationalize the product organization through regular updates to documentation for easier onboarding, cross-functional collaboration, team designation, roles and responsibilities, planning processes, etc. 
    • Apply discernment across the many moving parts to identify dependencies and duplicative work and identify opportunities for efficiencies and team empowerment.
    • Participate in quarterly and annual planning to effectively digest larger Epics and Features into smaller, achievable, sprint sized chunks of work.
    • Collaborate with Product Management and Executive leadership to co-define value streams and team designation to reduce context switching and protect teams from burnout.

Do you have what it takes?

    • 8-10 years of combined experience (education and professionally) working in software development, product management, and/or data management.
    • 2-3 years of experience coaching, recruiting, hiring, and growing a healthy team in an agile environment.
    • Experience and proficiency with modern languages, frameworks, and technologies such as messaging queuing infrastructures, AWS or GCP cloud infrastructure and services
    • Expert in the design and development of complex systems; employs a disciplined and rigorous approach.
    • Recognized leader within product, exhibits broad technical knowledge, and can speak fluently about:
    • Cloud infrastructure and services. (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, Etc.)
    • Experience with distributed caching solutions; understands the factors that enable effective caching
    • Big-Data and/or Machine Learning
    • AutomationCI/CDTooling
    • ETL's including data harmonization across international inputs
    • Authentication
    • Billing
    • Information Architecture, Taxonomies, Metadata schemas
    • Security and Compliance
    • User interface design, Analytics, and User research
    • Data visualization
    • Agile mindset and certifications, CSP, SM, PMI-ACP with demonstrated proficiency  
What is in Seven Bridges’ DNA?

Our Mission: Seven Bridges will significantly decrease the time, cost and risk to bring new precision medicine products to market by maximizing the productivity of bio pharma/tech research and development organizations in; formulation, productization, identification, success and optimization.

Our Values: These represent who we are and what we stand for. We pride ourselves on being true to our values in everything we do. Building successful partnerships, acting with a sense of urgency, making scientists happy, acting with integrity, treating data with respect, committed to excellence and working together

Our team and culture: With backgrounds in genomics, computer science and computational biology to sales and finance our talented team is passionate about building solutions to the most challenging problems of precision medicine. We believe that teamwork makes the dream work! By acting with empathy, supporting each other and learning from our challenges we exemplify commitment to quality results faster.

Our perks: We offer challenging career opportunities, 401K matching, competitive benefits, unlimited PTO and an environment that recognizes and rewards performance.

Enough about us, let’s talk about you!

If you have gotten this far and are looking for the right balance of teamwork, challenge, fun and would like to help push genomics forward please send us your resume and a cover letter. If your qualifications fit the profile we are looking for we will contact you in a timely manner.