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Who we are
ShakaCode is a global software consultancy specializing in Ruby on Rails, React, Rust, and ReScript. Founded in 2011 by Justin Gordon, creator of the open-source react_on_rails gem, ShakaCode's culture is quality code. Companies hire ShakaCode because of our in-depth technical knowledge, demonstrated by our projects and open-source software. We're not one of those agencies that rush a ton of features for a low fixed price! Our Recent Work page showcases ShakaCode projects. We also help many companies using our flagship React on Rails open source, often with performance improvements and frontend architectural expertise.

Besides consulting, our team is working on building, with demonstrated love (over 250K likes) from travelers on our TikTok @hi.chee channel.

If you're not sure if you want to apply, have any questions, or we're slow to get back to you, feel free to reach out to the founder Justin Gordon via email or on our Slack Channel.

Job Description

We are looking for a highly motivated Quality Assurance professional to join our development team at HiChee.
The candidate will be expected to assist with verification, test software and test scripts, implement initiatives and enhancements, and assist customers with technical issues or questions relating to the platform.
The candidate will work on development efforts with a team of experienced and dedicated developers and business analysts.

Required Skills:

    • Highly proficient in both spoken and written English
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
    • Previous experience in QA and/or Technical Support   
    • Experience with QA tools, functional testing, API integration, email service providers 
    • Familiar with testing types and the most common automated testing frameworks
    • Proactive and demonstrated ability to work independently
    • Respond to customers effectively and in a timely manner

We Offer:

    • 100% remote position
    • 100% flexible schedule as we're mainly asynchronous
    • Learning from highly skilled teammates
    • Work independently on projects valuing quality
    • Competitive salary based on qualifications and experience

Role and responsibilities:

    • Work with product managers and designers to ensure well-defined tasks for engineers.
    • Ensure engineers work on the right tasks in the right order and make progress daily
    • Test the product of the engineers, giving feedback both for the engineering quality as well as the proper definition of useful features to help travelers and hosts
    • Help with customer support to feed that information back to product management.
    • Identify bugs in the product based on support issues.

Thank you for considering joining the ShakaCode/HiChee team. We look forward to hearing from you and reviewing your application. We'll try to have your application reviewed within a couple of days of submitting it.