Electrical Engineer

San Francisco, CA
Shaper is developing a revolutionary line of computer-augmented power tools, starting with a robotic handheld CNC router called Origin. We're looking for a creative and capable Electrical Engineer to join our team. You'll work on the hardware design and implementation of our current and future products, our factory automation systems, and more. You should have experience doing system-level planning, creating well documented schematics, laying out mixed-signal PCBAs, and seeing products through their entire life cycle.

The Job

    • Design rigid and flex PCBAs from concept to completion (footprint/symbol design, schematic capture, part selection, board layout, test development, and manufacturing support). We use Altium Designer as our ECAD software.
    • Interface directly with the Shaper mechanical team on MCOs, manufacturability, and system integration.
    • Interface directly with the Shaper embedded software team. Build hardware with the software use-cases front-of-mind.
    • Design and build production-ready hardware for our product development efforts, as well as for R&D and manufacturing needs.
    • Become an expert on the variety of safety and certification standards that apply to our products (FCC, RED, RoHS, Reach, Prop 65, IEC/UL/CSA, etc) and design products that exceed those standards. Coordinate and execute simulations and real-world tests of our products including but not limited to EMC testing, functional safety testing, vibration testing, environmental testing, etc.
    • Write excellent documentation, including annotated fabrication/assembly drawings, manufacturing instructions, test directions, architecture block diagrams, etc.
    • Develop embedded firmware for test, R&D, and factory electronics.
    • Write simple scripts to test to hardware functionality (Python or a similar scripting language).
    • Use Git-Based version control for hardware and software version control and collaboration.


    • You have experience doing complex circuit board design in Altium Designer (or a similarly capable ECAD package, but you'll need to use Altium at Shaper). You should feel comfortable working with 6+ layer PCBs, rigid-flex design, dynamic and static flexes, tight tolerances, HDI, etc)
    • You are comfortable communicating directly with PCB fabricators, EMS companies, and contract manufacturers.
    • You are able to travel, alone or with Shaper co-workers, to international manufacturing sites.
    • You have experience building hardware based around 32-bit MCUs and Arm Cortex-A SoCs.
    • You have experience designing basic analog circuitry and simulating analog designs.
    • You have designed and optimized switched mode power supply designs.
    • You are proficient in implementing, debugging, and spec'ing all modern communication buses including but not limited to: MIPI CSI/DSI, I2C, SPI, USART, Superspeed USB, CAN, RS-485, etc.
    • You understand how to design a product that is resistant to malfunctions/damage caused by ESD, electromagnetic interference, voltage droops/spikes, etc.
    • You know how to choose a stackup and how to layout a PCB so as to minimize radiated emissions.
    • You are proficient at using all basic electrical lab equipment including high speed oscilloscopes, programmable loads, AC/DC supplies, multimeters, data loggers, etc.
    • You can comfortably use a Linux-based operating system.
    • You are able to write basic firmware and software scripts.
    • You have excellent communication skills (verbal and written in English).
    • You are able to work well with others, but can also plan and execute high-level projects independently when needed.
    • You’re excited to explore an entirely new field and develop products that real users will depend on!

Bonus Points

    • You have familiarity with FCC/IC/CISPR EMC regulations.
    • You have worked on the certifications for a hardware product.
    • You have experience interfacing computer vision hardware into your designs.
    • You’ve shipped one or more consumer hardware products that included embedded systems.
    • You have spent time working with engineers on-site at a contract manufacturing site or at an SMT site.
    • You understand basic control theory and some basic computer vision algorithms.
    • You like building things with your hands.