Software Engineer, Backend

San Francisco, CA
Shaper is developing an ecosystem of computer-augmented power tools, starting with a handheld CNC router called Origin and a project platform called ShaperHub. We're looking for a skilled Senior Software Engineer to join our team. You'll work on the core services that connect our product ecosystem and enable a dramatically new way of working with tools.

The Job

    • Maintain and improve our existing APIs that enable Origin and ShaperHub.
    • Work with other teams to architect, plan, and develop new APIs and services that will power ShaperHub,  Shaper Origin, and future products.
    • Document your code and keep it organized and manageable.
    • Perform estimates and work breakdowns from design specifications.
    • Write unit and integration tests to ensure high quality.


    • Have a minimum 5 years experience.
    • Have experience building and scaling APIs to support a large user base.
    • Have experience maintaining backwards compatible APIs as data requirements change and grow.
    • Have a background in JavaScript, Node.js, and Express, and are comfortable using these tools to develop reliable distributed systems.
    • Understand the nuances of database storage, particularly the performance considerations of different approaches.
    • Have experience prioritizing security and privacy across distributed systems.
    • Are skilled at problem solving and debugging.


    • You have experience with AWS.
    • You have experience with containerized infrastructure, such as Docker and Kubernetes.
    • You have experience with Golang or C++.
    • You like building things with your hands.