Web Software Engineer - Intern

San Francisco, CA
Shaper is developing a revolutionary line of computer-augmented power tools, starting with a handheld CNC router called Origin. We're looking for a savvy software engineering intern to join our web team for 10-12 weeks over Summer 2019 at our San Francisco HQ.

You’ll work with Shaper’s web engineers on a variety of projects including Shaper’s core web services that support our tools and online services such as ShaperHub. You’ll also get a chance to work on prototyping new services, products, and much more!

At Shaper, interns are given real deliverables that impact our current and future products – all interns are expected to contribute to our company’s success in the same way we expect our full-time employees to.

The Job

    • Work with our web engineering team
    • Work on new and existing features for online services such as ShaperHub
    • Design and prototype potential new internet-based products


    • Love to build software for the web and pick up new systems quickly
    • Are passionate about responsive and scalable web applications
    • Have a working knowledge of Git or other version control systems
    • Know HTML & CSS inside and out
    • Have a deep understanding of JavaScript
    • Are good at problem solving and debugging
    • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills (English)
    • Are excited to explore an entirely new field and develop products that real users will depend on!

Bonus Points

    • You’ve worked with modern front-end frameworks (such as React, Vue, Angular, Backbone)
    • You’ve deployed software to cloud infrastructure for real world projects
    • You’re comfortable with Node
    • You’ve used databases technologies (such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB)
    • You love to build things (especially using wood!)
Sharing a portfolio/website that reflects your web work or projects is required.