Full-Stack Developer, Marketing (m,w,d)

Shaper is developing a revolutionary line of computer-augmented power tools, starting with a handheld CNC router called Origin. We’re looking for a skilled full stack developer with strong  front-end experience to join our web team to develop, maintain and launch our marketing and e-commerce sites at shapertools.com

Shaper has recently expanded into Europe and with this we are looking to grow our shapertools.com marketing site and ensure we are best placed to serve an international audience. We are rebuilding our current site using the latest technologies including React, Redux, Node.js and a headless CMS and are looking for a talented developer to join us.

As a web developer focusing on the marketing site, you’ll be the primary owner of the associated code bases and be expected to work with our design and marketing teams to grow the site’s content and capabilities as required. 

Shaper uses a variety of technologies and as part of your role you would be expected to continue to update our technology stack and move from our legacy code (Pug templates, HTML, CSS, Shopify) to our current tech stack (React, Redux, Styled Components). 

In addition to building static web content you will be expected to work on new interactive content and user flows that better connect us with our customers. You should have a passion for creating experiences that delight users and have a good eye towards creating pixel perfect experiences. 

This position is based in Stuttgart, Germany with our Shaper Tools GmbH team but you will be expected to report and work closely with the web team located in San Francisco, USA. Given this you should be comfortable working with a remote team and be able to work independently and be self directed where necessary. With Shaper HQ based in San Francisco, you must be able to effectively communicate in English in both verbal and written form. 

If you’re passionate about creating memorable web experiences and want to work with an interdisciplinary team to build the future of making then we want you to join our team as a Full Stack developer.


    • Work with product, marketing and design teams to implement exceptional front-end experiences.
    • Prototype and build new services and sites that support the sales and marketing of our products and services.
    • Maintain the backend of our marketing site, keeping everything running smoothly in Node.js.
    • Work with our fulfillment and accounting team to ensure online sale workflows are as smooth as possible.
    • Measure, analyse, experiment and iterate on our marketing site to provide the best customer experience for our users.
    • Be the primary owner of associated marketing code bases.


    • Well-versed in building and shipping websites in a production environment - have a portfolio of public facing websites you can share.
    • Experience with HTML/CSS and front end development using libraries such as React.
    • Have worked with and designed RESTful APIs.
    • Have a deep proficiency in JavaScript and current standards (ES6+).
    • Have experience working in Node.js
    • Have a passion for creating flawless front-end experiences with modern CSS.
    • Can write clear code and keep it well documented.
    • Must be an excellent communicator in English, both verbally and in written form. 
    • Have a love for creating sawdust and building great woodworking projects. 


    • Experience with Git.
    • Experience deploying code to AWS.
    • Experience with Shopify and other ecommerce platforms.
    • Awareness of templating languages such as Pug or Liquid.
    • Have built sites for international/multi language environments.