UI/UX design lead

Shone is a fast-moving startup based in San Francisco that develops autonomous technologies for cargo ships. We just graduated from YC and are growing the team. We are a small group with very ambitious goals and are looking for people interested in making a difference.

As an early employee, you will get to take a leading role in the team.

We are looking for an experienced UI/UX designer to join the team. The UI/UX designer will be in charge of designing situational awareness products and experiment with crew members to understand what information they need, in what context and in what format. Human machine interfaces are of the utmost importance in an industry where crews are rarely consulted yet rely on instruments to make safety-critical decisions.


    • Interact regularly with the crews and the onshore operators to understand their needs
    • Provide interface sketches (both static and interactive) to maritime professionals to gather feedback
    • Provide the engineering team with the specifications of the interface to be implemented
    • Continuous improvement and iterations of the interface

Experience & Skills

    • Experience with wireframing and sketching tools
    • Experience leading user research
    • Great interpersonal skills and ability to interact with people from various backgrounds
    • Experience designing specifications and working with an engineering team

Nice to have

    • Experience in web development
    • Experience with human machine interfaces in aerospace, automotive or marine
    • Willingness to spend time on a cargo ship
We would love to hear from you, why you would like to join our startup and what you'd love to do. You will hear back from us within a few days of your application.