Senior Software Engineer - Prediction

San Francisco, California
Shone is a fast-moving startup based in San Francisco that develops autonomous technologies for cargo ships. We just graduated from YC and are growing the team. We are a small group with very ambitious goals and are looking for people interested in making a difference.

As an early employee, you will get to take a leading role in the team.

We are looking for an experienced senior prediction software engineer to join the team. The senior prediction software engineer mission is to build core robotics subsystems that help us understand the behaviors of the ship's surrounding, including behavior planning, path planning and more.


    • Create models to predict the actions of other vehicles in dynamic environments 
    • Build behavior planing
    • Build path planning

Experience & Skills

    • Experience with robotics algorithms
    • Experience with unsupervised learning algorithms, such as HMM
    • Extensive programming experience in C++ and Python
    • Strong background in object oriented architecture, prioritizing testability, and reusability
    • Experience with behanvior

Nice to have

    • Experience with ROS
    • Experience with deep learning algorithms
    • Experience with simulation frameworks such as Gazebo
    • Experience in hydrodynamics
    • Prior work on autonomous vehicles
    • Experience with control algorithms and theories

We would love to hear from you, why you would like to join our startup and what you'd love to do. You will hear back from us within a few days of your application.