Customer Service Subject Matter Expert

Seoul, South Korea /
Commercial – Operations /

Build the Smarter Way to Shop!

ShopBack, the #1 rewards and discovery platform in Asia-Pacific, enables shoppers across the region to shop ‘The Smarter Way”. It is a one-stop rewards and discovery platform for users to earn cashback, while delivering performance-based marketing to merchants. First launched in Singapore in 2014, ShopBack has since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan,  Australia, and more recently, Vietnam and Korea. In Singapore, the company has also extended its service offering with ShopBack GO, an app-based rewards platform for in-store shopping, dining, and entertainment. We are a passionate team that wants to drive innovation and build a product that we love and are all proud of!

ShopBack partners with over 3,000 merchants including Taobao, Expedia, Shopee, ZALORA to reward its users with cashback across a wide range of categories including general merchandise, travel bookings, fashion, health and beauty, groceries, and food delivery. To date, US$100m in cashback has been awarded to our over 20 million users.

We have global ambitions and are up against international incumbents in a rapidly emerging field! We are expanding our existing team and are looking for passionate talent across APAC to be part of this exciting journey. If you are inspired to take up new challenges and leave a mark on the e-commerce landscape, then come and be part of our growing ShopBack Family!

Responsibilities (업무 설명)

    • Build and maintain a relevant chatbot flow for the country, its tones of voice and vocabularies.
    • Build and maintain chatbot dataset based on the categories of customers main support requests at the country.
    • Conduct continuous chatbot testing at the country level to ensure it passes the Turing Test.
    • Serve as a resource or Subject Matter Expert (SME) at the country level for other CS Team members and external teams.
    • Reduces country issues to practical recommended options.
    • Explains recommendation to decision-makers, both at country and regional level in terms that permit decisions.
    • Performs studies and analyses on subjects within the technical scope of work for CS regional projects.
    • Develops requirements from a CS regional project's inception to its conclusion at the country level.
    • Assists other project members from other countries and/or regional team with analysis and evaluation and with the preparation of recommendations for process/tools improvements, optimization, development, and/or maintenance efforts at the country level.
    • Applies experience, skills, and expert knowledge within a CS discipline at the country level to complex assignments.
    • Serves as a major contributor from the country to CS regional projects’  technical planning process and for providing technical management and guidance.
    • Update and publish FAQ articles as soon as we launch new features, campaigns or products, or as soon as something big changes in the country.
    • Find and update/remove incorrect, out-of-date, or misleading information FAQ articles on a regular basis.

    • 다른 CS 팀 멤버 및 외부 팀을 위해 해당 국가의 인력 및 SME(Subject Matter Expert)로 근무합니다.
    • 국가별 이슈사항들을 실질적 권장사항까지 줄입니다.
    • 의사 결정을 허용하는 측면에서 국가 및 지역 수준에서 의사 결정자에게 권장 사항을 설명합니다.
    • CS Regional 프로젝트의 기술 업무 범위 내에서 주제에 대한 연구 및 분석을 수행합니다.
    • 다른 국가 및 / 또는 Regional 팀의 다른 프로젝트 구성원에게 분석 및 평가를 지원하고 해당 국가의 프로세스 / 도구 개선, 최적화, 개발 및 / 또는 유지 관리 노력에 대한 권장 사항을 준비합니다.
    • 해당 국가에서 CS 분야의 경험, 기술 및 전문 지식을 복잡한 과제에 적용합니다.
    • CS Regional 프로젝트의 기술 계획 프로세스와 기술 관리 및 지침을 제공하기 위해 해당 국가에서 주된 역할을합니다.

Requirements (다른 업무사항)

    • Prior experience with Customer service/support services is a plus
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills - written and spoken
    • Native and bilingual proficiency in Korean
    • Professional working proficiency in English
    • Familiar with Google Suites products, specifically Google Sheet and Slides
    • Empathetic, yet business-oriented, and able to think and respond on your feet at the same time.
    • A strong will to learn and adapt to rapidly changing environments. Some customer service, PR, sales and/or business operations background may help.

    • 새로운 기능, 캠페인 또는 제품을 출시하거나 국가에 큰 변화가 생기는 즉시 FAQ 기사를 업데이트하고 게시합니다.
    • 부정확하거나 오래되었거나 오해의 소지가있는 정보 FAQ 기사를 정기적으로 찾아 업데이트 / 제거합니다.
    • 국가, 음성 톤 및 어휘에 대한 관련 챗봇 흐름을 구축하고 유지합니다.
    • 국가의 고객 주요 지원 요청 범주를 기반으로 챗봇 데이터 세트를 구축하고 유지합니다.
    • 필요할 때 CS 최전선 작업을 수행합니다.