Production Engineering Lead - Search Infrastructure

Waterloo, Canada
Production Engineering
The Search team is responsible for providing managed search infrastructure and tooling to all of Shopify’s developers. We build and maintain a toolkit that contains everything they need to provision, use, monitor and scale their application. Currently, that’s nearly three dozen applications including the core Shopify commerce platform, and it’s growing week by week.

We build an internal product that we’d be proud to ship to the world, and that comes with all the batteries included: robust documentation, excellent usability, predictable and stable behaviour, good performance and operational visibility, seamless upgrades and low cost.

Our goal is to have developers focussed on problem-solving with their apps - not worrying about the infrastructure that they depend on.

Does this work sound exciting to you? We’re looking for a technical and people lead who will get their hands dirty and help us build out our infrastructure, as well as manage and grow our developers. Given our pace so far, this team of four will easily be double that by this time next year.

This role will initially be a 50/50 split between people and project management and technical design and architecture work. As the team grows, that mix will shift more towards people/project management, but likely never completely let go of the technical work. You’ll need to keep your hands at least a little bit dirty.

Come be a part of making Search a jewel in the world’s best commerce platform.

You'll need to have:

    • Technical leadership and management experience
    • Experience with Elasticsearch, Lucene, Solr or other text search engine
    • A desire to work with a distributed team
    • A deep curiosity about technology and the people who power it

It'd be great if you have:

    • Experience with any of the following: Kubernetes, Docker, Cloud infrastructure, Ruby, Go, Java

You'll be working on:

    • Developing a solid understanding of our search infrastructure
    • Understanding the needs of Shopify developers to provide them with stronger tooling and infrastructure
    • Keeping our core search infrastructure robust, resilient and performant
    • Growing the team of already amazing developers to deliver platform wide impact
We know that applying to a new role takes a lot of work and we truly value your time. Jason is looking forward to reading your application.