Lead & Senior Lead Developers - Multiple Roles

Montreal - Office
Shopify just became the fastest SaaS company to cross the $1 billion-dollar revenue mark and has no plan to stop growing. To support this growth, we are hiring over twenty lead and senior lead developers across our offices in Ottawa & Montreal.

Instead of creating job postings for all those roles, we're going to post just this one. Take a look and reach out if the challenge looks appealing or you want to find out more.

Ideal background
We need people who are first and foremost product builders, who can be involved in technology decisions and can be hands on enough to have credibility with the team but are also able to motivate and manage that team.

The challenge
Do you want a challenge related to scale, new product development, fintech, international expansion and more? We’ve got you covered.

We’re talking 800,000+ online stores around the world, and hundreds of millions of requests a day. With entrepreneurs depending on you for their livelihood, it’s a tough, but incredibly rewarding responsibility.

Here’s a more detailed description of the product lines where we need leads and senior leads. If you apply, let us know if you feel a particular affinity towards any of them.

Divisions (Products Lines) we are hiring for :

    • Shipping:  What is the future of logistics?  How can Shopify deliver the best merchant and consumer post point of sale experience on the planet?  It’s a critical, but often overlooked, part of the merchant and buyer experience and our dev teams are working hard to build out a best-in-class solution.
    • Financial Solutions:  Managing money can be one of the most stressful parts of running a business. Shopify creates simple financial solutions that help merchants accept payments and capital, avoid fraud, and pay their bills. We take the worry and confusion out of finances, so entrepreneurs around the world can focus on growing their business.
    • International:  We have over 800,000 merchants on the Shopify platform at the moment, mostly in North America.  This team is tackling the million challenges that come from creating localized versions of our platform, and that means a heck of a lot more then just translations.
    • Core: It’s what merchants login to set up their store, manage their products, customers, inventory, orders, and make decisions based on reports and recommendations. To make this happen, we’ve invested in test, build and deployment tools to improve both the quality of our software and the experience of creating it.  
    • Channels: Shopify Channels was designed to give merchants one unified platform to do it all. The teams in this Product Line helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses by creating experiences that feel empowering and delightful across numerous online and offline channels.

Here's some info about our stack and what you'll be doing technically :

    • Building backend web services using several languages and frameworks (Ruby on Rails, Java/JEE, Node.js, PHP, Python…)
    • Working with relational databases and SQL (we’re mostly on MySQL with some Postgres)
    • Building and scaling user-focused web applications and/or mobile applications using different technologies (React, Angular, Backbone, Bootstrap, Swift, Android, Kotlin…)

So that’s it!  If you’ve read this far, hopefully that means you're interested. Please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.
Our Mobility team supports visas and relocation, so even if you are far away, consider applying !