Shopify Dev Degree - Class of 2018

Ottawa, Toronto

We will be accepting applications until 5:00 PM EST February 23, 2018. Interviews for selected applicants will begin mid-March. Please ensure you have enough time to carefully read and understand the application requirements!

We are on the cusp of a skills revolution that is being driven by technology. That’s why we partnered academics and industry experts to develop a different kind of education model.

Dev Degree is a work-integrated learning program that combines an accredited university degree with double the experience of a traditional co-op. Students work on teams with experienced mentors to find smart solutions to real problems. This program combines the best of traditional education, industry mentorship, and learning by "doing" in the workplace. Working with us will enable you to jumpstart your career by gaining the skills and experience you’ll need to solve the problems of tomorrow.

How to apply:

    • Step One: Be accepted to your university's Bachelor of Computer Science program
    • Step Two: Complete the 2018 Dev Degree Application (right-click and select "Open Link In A New Tab")
    • Step Three: Return to this page and click "Apply For This Job" to send us your CV

The strength of our program is built on an incredible diversity of perspectives. While previous programming experience is an asset, it is not required! Dev Degree students are an unconventional group with varied experiences, characteristics, and talents. There is no need to prepare anything in advance of our application. We'll be asking you to share your past experiences and solve a number of computational thinking questions. Share your true self and come together with a diverse group of learners in this amazing program!