Engineering Director, Shopify Plus

Waterloo, Canada
Shopify is on a fast-moving mission to make the best products for merchants around the globe. Here at Shopify Plus, our merchants are some of the biggest and fastest growing businesses in history. The problems we solve are as complex and the stakes are high. Ecobee, Rebecca Minkoff, Budweiser, Nestle, and Harley-Davidson are just some of the merchants that have seen the value Shopify Plus brings to their businesses through our understanding of commerce at scale.

You will be joining Plus at an absolutely pivotal moment in our 100-year journey to make commerce better for everyone. As an Engineering Director, you will be responsible for creating the future of the Shopify Plus product. You’ll help take our products to the next level by making hard decisions - both strategic and technical, influencing and collaborating with stakeholders across the organization, and driving true product innovation. This is your shot to make a massive impact on current and future Shopify merchants, worldwide.

What will you do?

    • Diagnose. We expect that you’ll come in first with your learning cap on. Shopify’s culture is one that encourages deep curiosity and continuous learning. Observe. Absorb. Talk to people. A lot of people. Identify strengths. Identify gaps. And then make a diagnosis on what we’re doing well, and what needs improvement. You should use this time to build high-trust relationships with our UX and PM leaders to ensure alignment.

    • Drive Impact. Impact means a few things in this role. We need you to innovate. You’re here to help us plan and build out the future of the Plus product. You’ll need to create a vision and strategy for the future of Plus products, and collaborate with key stakeholders to move this vision forward. You’ll need to have difficult conversations and clear obstacles to help your team propel forward in executing this vision.

    • Develop. A successful Engineering Director is not just one who develops an impressive new product. You should also be extremely passionate about developing your team. Succession planning, 1:1s, coaching sessions, mentorship, critical feedback. You need to level up your team while simultaneously leveling up the product. You’ll drive engineering quality and excellence. You’ll raise the bar across the team.

Who are you?

    • You are a technical expert. You might be a rusty coder, but at one point in your career you were a pretty great software developer. You’re up to date on current web trends (SaaS, serverless computing, cloud infrastructure). You are currently involved in highly technical discussions and architecture decisions. You will be the person that the teams look up to here - both technically and for strategic direction.

    • You are a hands on leader. You have been managing leads and ICs for a number of years and you’re pretty good at it. You have some tried and true techniques for levelling up your team, removing obstacles, mentoring, and getting them to open up about challenges. You’ve been managing multiple product teams and are able to see the product holistically and encourage cross-team collaboration.

    • You are data driven. You rely on sound data to make decisions, and you expect that your teams will do the same. You believe in setting success metrics, goals, and timelines. You are open minded about data from other parts of the business and taking it into consideration when making your decisions.

    • You are humble. You view product development as a team sport and you foster this environment within your teams. No job is too small - for you or for anyone on the team. We all pitch in to get the job done and support each other. You lead by example by being willing to roll up your sleeves and contribute tactically if that’s what your team needs. You believe that you can learn from all of your team members, no matter how experienced. You won’t tolerate anything else.
This job is going to be hard. You’ll need to be persistent, demonstrate grit, and have a strong entrepreneurial drive if you’re going to get sh*t done amongst the ambiguity that exists here. If this excites you, we invite you to submit your resume. We appreciate the time and effort it takes to put together a compelling application, so, thank you in advance!