Production Engineering - Rails Infrastructure - Ruby Systems Engineer

Production Engineering
About the role:

The Rails Infrastructure Team is responsible for developing Shopify’s open source Ruby infrastructure. We work closely with the community to improve the Ruby language and the Rails framework, as well as many other open source projects. We ensure they fulfill our needs and that the community benefits from what we have learned from scaling Rails to handle 80k requests per second. We work in almost all layers, all the way from fixing business logic to operating system debugging. We need generalists who thrive on new knowledge and are not afraid to jump in at many different layers.

Ruby and Rails are important piece of our infrastructure. These tools sometimes doesn’t scale to our needs and we are working to improve them with the help of the community, benefiting not only us but also making the community move forward.

Come help us realize the dream of a faster Ruby while keeping developer happiness and productivity as core tenants of the language. Build a scalable-by-default framework and help developers focus on the problem they are trying to solve.

Join Rafael França, Sean Griffin and Edouard Chin on creating scalable Ruby frameworks to build the future of commerce.

You'll need to have:

    • Be a low-level generalist who is comfortable with multiple languages such as C and Ruby
    • Have hands on development with Ruby on Rails or any web framework
    • Be comfortable with working anywhere in the stack, from right beside the OS and up
    • Be able to create and push adoption of development tools to a large, distributed development team
    • Be able to create elegant abstractions that fix problems for many applications
    • Understand and empathize with developers to help define improvements in our frameworks.

It'd be great if you have:

    • Experience contributing to a programming language
    • Experience contributing to Ruby open source software
    • Experience identifying and fixing performance bottlenecks

You'll be working on:

    • Developing solid understanding of our Ruby infrastructure and its shortcomings
    • Improving the Rails framework
    • Investigating and working on performance improvements in the Ruby language
    • Collaborate with other Shopify developers to understand their needs and ensure our team works on the right things
    • Building tools to help keep all of our dependencies up-to-date
    • Defining best practices for developing Ruby applications at large scale.
How to apply:

If you’re interested in helping us shape the future of commerce at Shopify, click the “Apply For This Job” button to submit your application. Be sure to address your cover letter to Rafael in the additional info section and tell him why you think you'd be great for the role.