Software Engineer - Core

Ottawa, Canada
Shopify is a fast growing global company that gives you the opportunity to make an impact as well as grow and learn in a collaborative environment. We are a mature, efficient and effective organization and it shows in our product which powers tens of billions of dollars of revenue for small and large entrepreneurs around the world. As a result, we are on a mission to scale our platform while simultaneously improving our shared developer experience.  To do this, we need the help of passionate , detail-oriented, and flexible developers - Does this sound like it could be you?

The core division handles the fundamentals of Shopify’s world class technology - merchandising, logistics, insights and growth. Our problem space is complex and we iterate quickly, so we value collaboration and professional development. In order to make this happen, we’ve invested in test, build and deployment tools to improve both the quality of our software and the experience of creating it.  
You are a developer who values both the quality of your code and the happiness of your team - including those who collaborate on, inherit, leverage and extend your work.  Ideally you have experience with web applications and have supported a major product through a full software lifecycle of release, upgrade, scale & maintain.

The 🛠 ‘s you will use include: Rails, MySQL, Kafka, Bugsnag, Splunk, Datadog and more!  We don’t expect you to know all, or any, of those when you apply, just have a passion for learning and continuous improvement!

Relevant experience for the role:

    • OO principles and fluency in at least one OO language.
    • Comfortable with relational databases and SQL (we mostly use MySQL)
    • Familiarity with Ruby on Rails, or the desire to learn it quickly
    • Familiarity with basic web development (we mostly use React)
    • Familiarity with UNIX commands

Tell us about your:

    • Experience building with Ruby on Rails.
    • Passion for, and experience with, teaching or mentoring.
    • Technical achievements above and beyond expectations of the job.
    • Involvement in open source projects or communities.
    • Adventures in entrepreneurship and/or commerce.