Office Manager - BGD

Contract - ENG
If you enjoy organizing clothes in your closet by colour and have some serious OCD then read on. You work magic on a fully packed calendar - making more hours seem less. Then we could just be a perfect fit.
You might think you know what we do here at Shyft, but we do things differently. We collaborate and work magic. We grind and we hustle. We work smart and have fun hard. Most importantly we are set out to make a difference and we will never stop evolving.

Who are you?

You’ve got a lot of hustle. No task is outside of your wheelhouse. If you don’t know how to do something, you’ll figure out a way to make it happen. 

You don’t talk, you communicate. You have no trouble putting 5 pages of meeting notes in 5 sentences to latter convert them into action items which you will see through. 

You enjoy talking to new people. You are a person that usually approaches people first and enjoys talking and making new friends. You have more contacts than the Queen and you can contact whoever for whatever. 

For you, life is abstract. There’s a blurred line between work and play. You know that the best work isn’t restricted to 9-5. You go with the flow, you’re flexible, and enjoy the ride. You are the go to person. Your infectiously approachable, magnetic energy will be what attracts people to you when they find themselves in a pickle and need someone they can trust to help them figure out a solution. 

You take proactive to the next level. You have a keen eye for your surroundings. You start planning before things happen, and have a reaction for each action. 

We will not be a good fit for you if: You like having clear expectations set to you. You don’t enjoy dynamic and casual work atmospheres. You don’t enjoy creating lists, prioritizing and making sure everything is running smoothly. You didn’t hold the same position for at least a year. 

The nitty-gritty stuff.. If you are still reading this ..Here’s the deal. You’ll be supporting the Facility Manager, while also jumping in deep to support the rest of the Shyft team. You’ll be the point person for our Belgrade office. You’ll keep things running smoothly, whether it’s scheduling meetings, general organization, helping out with procurements, or greeting guests. To make all of this look a little easier: you’ll need at least a year of similar experience - primarily in supporting roles. Help us Shyft the boundaries and make magic!