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About SideQuest
SideQuest is the ultimate community for standalone VR. A place where developers and players around the globe can experiment, share, and get excited about the apps they love. Developers (like us) are free to mess with mechanics and modes on their journey to official app stores, and players can safely explore thousands of titles across the weird and wonderful world of VR.

The biggest collection, all in one place—’cause who needs limits, right? It takes talent to make it happen, and that’s where our team comes in. Spread remotely across the world from Belfast to Beijing, we work hard over a four-day week to support devs, list apps, test, explore, create, and much, much more.
We’re deep in start-up territory, so there’s a lot to get done. And sometimes we need to go above and beyond to do it. But each of us is trusted with the freedom to seize the initiative, unleash our inner enthusiast, build an exciting career in the VR industry—and have an absolute blast while we do it.
After all, [mayhem + fun = SideQuest]

Sounds like your dream job? We want to hear from you.

Our Values
Embrace Your Inner Hero: We thrive on pushing boundaries, championing the underdog, and embracing the thrill of pioneering new frontiers. We encourage every member of our community to rise above challenges, and harness their unique strengths.
Forge A Path: We embrace the thrill of thinking differently, and breaking free from conventions. Our community takes the first step towards uncharted territories, and when necessary, fearlessly draws a line in the sand to chart a new course.
Stories that Move: Our narratives transcend code and spreadsheets, capturing the essence of our work to create a masterpiece. Our approach ensures that every story we create resonates, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of our audience.
Evoke Community Spirit: Like adventurers in a tight-knit guild, we unite diverse talents, fostering an inclusive space where every voice resonates. Transparent communication and mutual support propel us as we fearlessly explore virtual reality's uncharted territories.

Don't see any openings that suit your interests and skills? We're always excited to hear about talented A-players interesting in joining our SideQuestVR team, so to be considered for new positions as they open up, simply fill the General Interest Application and we'll get in touch with you if there's a fit. We also encourage you to check back frequently and apply for future openings.

Submit your resume and cover letter so we can learn more about you, what you're looking for and share with us why you're interested in being part of our team.
SQuad Benefits:
Life in a startup can get hectic, but we don't believe in burning out for the sake of the business. While there will always be extra-work and late nights on ground-breaking projects, we prioritize our team’s health before everything else.

That’s why we offer:
● A 4-day working week for all staff—with flexible hours
● A generous annual leave policy
● The guarantee of working for a globally remote company
● Free access to online learning platforms to ensure the best quality learning and development

Equal Opportunity:
We welcome applications from everyone regardless of race, religion, skin color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status. Should you need any accommodations or adjustments throughout the interview process and beyond, please let us know.

Interview Process
1st: This interview will be conducted by a member of our People Team. Its purpose is to understand your motivation for applying, ensure alignment with our values, and address any administrative questions you may have.
2nd: You'll meet with your prospective line manager and a team member for a technical evaluation.
3rd: The third interview involves meeting with the head of the team you would be joining, along with another team member. In some cases, this stage may be optional, depending on the role.