AI Developer Advocate

Virtual, US and Canada /
Marketing /
Be the voice of our customer. 

SigOpt’s experimentation platform empowers AI model developers, researchers, and engineers to design experiments, explore their modeling problems and optimize their models. Whereas other solutions focus on logging what you’ve done, we aim to help modelers decide what to do next. As a result, they push the limits on the range of problems that can be addressed with modeling.  

We need you to be the voice of this customer that is pushing the boundary on what is possible in AI. In this capacity, you will train models, develop tutorials, train users, give talks, write posts and build our community. By becoming our customer, you will enable us to tighten our product development cycles and guide our roadmap to focus on the most burdensome challenges in this process. As a public face for our solution, you will represent our values and mission. If you are technical, creative and compassionate, this role is for you.  

Recently acquired by Intel but operating with autonomy, SigOpt gives you startup flexibility with tech leader opportunity. It truly is the best of both worlds.  

You Will:

    • Create compelling notebook tutorials that explain how to realize the full potential of experimentation across a wide variety of AI tasks 
    • Write blog posts and record demo videos that amplify this experimentation message to reach a broader audience with the medium they prefer 
    • Develop lightweight integrations with leading libraries, frameworks, and optimizers to enable a more seamless experience using SigOpt 
    • Evangelize the most powerful advanced features in the SigOpt optimizer with a practical explanation of how to get the most out of them 
    • Build an open and welcoming community of like-minded developers, engineers, and researchers who understand the potential for experimentation and optimization to transform their workflow and capacity 
    • Nurture this community by producing and presenting technical content, whether in the form of blog posts, whitepapers, trainings, videos, or otherwise 
    • Enable leading AI partners to utilize SigOpt, integrate with SigOpt, or make a compelling case for the use of multiple best-in-class tools in a single workflow 
    • Earn speaking roles at conferences, meetups, and other live events to build momentum for optimization and its technical potential 
    • Engage machine learning and artificial intelligence oriented communities early and often to build relationships, familiarity, and support for experimentation as a critical part of modeling 

You Are:

    • Experienced with a B.S or B.A with 3+ years of AI experience, an M.S. with 1+ years of AI experience, or a PhD with 0+ years of AI experience 
    • Knowledgeable (4+ years) in machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, or other areas that require training and optimizing models 
    • Capable of translating complex technical topics into concise written, verbal, visual, or recorded explanations 
    • Driven to start and build something from scratch 
    • Collaborative in your approach to both modeling and project management, with a proclivity to over-communicate and be inclusive 
    • Driven to experiment as much as possible to understand a problem with greater depth and develop more robust solutions to it 
    • Staunchly aligned with the SigOpt values 
    • Comfortable as an individual contributor, but capable of building a team as we grow