Technical Marketing Engineer

San Francisco, CA
Show the market the value of hyperparameter tuning.

SigOpt’s Optimization Solution amplifies and accelerates the impact of experts across private industry, the public sector and academia. For machine learning in particular, this is an opportunity to apply optimization techniques more accurately, quickly, and productively to models in development or in production. With advanced capabilities like multimetric optimization, experts on the SigOpt platform are rephrasing problems to address entirely novel challenges.
The best way to explain the power of this solution is to show rather than tell. So we need a Technical Marketing Engineer to show the market how automated optimization leads to better machine and deep learning outcomes. As a machine learning engineer equally skilled at developing models as creating content, you will have a major impact in the creation of a new category that will impact the evolution of this industry. With an optimization first and SigOpt second attitude, your efforts will spread the applied machine learning gospel and build a following of experts who push the envelope on its potential.

You will

    • Produce applied machine learning case studies, training, and other technical content to build an optimization category that changes how experts perform machine learning
    • Develop written content in conjunction with SigOpt colleagues, leading technology partners (like Google, Amazon, and NVIDIA) and industry analysts to educate specific target segments of our market
    • Enable leading machine learning partners to tell the optimization story, and collaborate with them at live events, conferences, and in online forums
    • Engage machine learning and artificial intelligence oriented communities early and often to build relationships, familiarity, and support for optimization as a critical part of AI/ML

You are

    • A quick study, who builds on 2-4 years of technical machine learning experience to translate complex subjects into concise explanations
    • As comfortable diving into a week-long analysis as penning a blog that nails a key point
    • Frequently caught reading and engaging too much in AI/ML banter
    • Driven to start and build something