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SigOpt provides an enterprise, hosted service for model development and black box optimization.  We're looking for brilliant and enthusiastic researchers to learn, grow, and build with us!

Research at SigOpt

SigOpt is a service that helps customers efficiently develop effective models in an efficient and data-secure fashion.  As customers report the relationship between our recommended model designs and the associated performance, we implement algorithms internally to interpret this relationship and suggest new model designs that may reach higher performance.  Our algorithms must be able to perform under various customer circumstances and computational restrictions, and they must yield robust performance for our customers to trust their model development to SigOpt.

Project Ownership: Research engineers are entrusted to own much of the development process for many of our most important and differentiating features.  These critical elements of our product require the passion and rigor which defines a research mentality, and research engineers are expected to design and execute (in conjunction with other engineers) the strategies for designing and executing these key projects.

Working at the Cutting Edge: The tools that we provide for our customers must be based on the latest research developments from throughout the mathematics, statistics and machine learning communities.  We invest time in reading articles and participating in conferences to know the current state of the community so that we can bring the best tools to bear on our customer’s problems.  Research engineers have the important job of developing and/or adapting these strategies to fit in the constraints of an enterprise SaaS black-box solution.

Teamwork: Everyone on the research team has their own expertise and perspective on the research community: statistics, mathematics, operations research and machine learning all contribute to the core of our product.  We want all researcher engineers to be both humble teachers and active learners to build the best and most comprehensive team possible. The research team also regularly hosts interns, and interested team members have the opportunity to mentor the next generation of researchers.

Communicating to the World: One of the key ways the research team contributes at SigOpt is by being effective communicators.  This can be by documenting our work internally, developing feature/product documentation which speaks to advanced users, developing educational material to bolster SigOpt’s conference presence, writing blog content to present ideas/methodologies to the broad community, or writing articles for conferences/workshops to the research community.  We also regularly collaborate with external partners on projects ranging from materials science to artwork.

User Engagement:  An important part of SigOpt’s effectiveness lies in understanding our customer’s needs and values.  Research engineers are encouraged to spend time with the customer success team during customer meetings to better empathize with customer goals and devise better strategies for serving their needs.  This opportunity is unique to life at a small company, and, when successfully executed, this can be the most important element of product discovery/development.


    • Graduate degree in math, stats, operations research, computer science, or similar
    • Programming ability in Python and experience writing computational code
    • Experience in a research environment


    • Ph.D. involving Gaussian processes, dynamic programming, stochastic optimization or reinforcement learning
    • Work experience in financial services or machine learning
    • Publication record


    • Great Medical, Dental and Vision benefits options with fully paid premiums for employees
    • Salary and relocation packages
    • Catered lunches and office snacks
    • Generous Flexible Paid Time Off policy
    •  Team and Company off-sites and team building activities
    • Healthy work-life balance - Gym and wellness stipend to enjoy activities outside of work
    • Based in downtown San Francisco, tech hub of the world
    • Parental leave policies
    • 401K plan to help save for future retirement
SigOpt Values

We are looking for research engineers who enjoy taking responsibility for producing enterprise-grade tools that empower our customers.  Our values:

Empowerment: Take ownership and make bold decisions
Curiosity: Be a humble teacher and active student
Respect: Foster an inclusive, diverse and safe environment for everyone
Balance: Know when to work, when to play and when to go home
Solidarity: Transparently collaborate toward shared goals

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer, valuing and respecting diversity! 


We are set up for success: SigOpt is funded by YCombinator, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Blumberg Capital, and SVAngel. You can read about us in MLConf,NVidia, Two Sigma, and our blog for more information!  Also, feel free to reach out to anyone on the research team!