Research Engineer

San Francisco, CA
Work with experts to implement research and new ideas every day.

Our goal is to provide our customers the best optimization tool for every job, consistently and automatically. We are developing novel, adaptive algorithms that intelligently combine the state of the art across several fields in optimization. We’re looking for motivated and creative people to help us make the world a more optimal place.


    • Improving our core optimization platform, via applied and theoretical research
    • Working with engineers to implement cutting-edge research from a variety of fields
    • Combining and publishing new ideas that push the state of the art in optimization


    • Graduate degree and/or extensive background in machine learning, optimization, applied mathematics, statistics, or equivalent
    • Software engineering skills to create production ready code
    • Algorithms and data structures background


    • Data visualization skills
    • Knowledge of Bayesian Global Optimization tools and technique
    • PhD in related field