Agile Coach

London, United Kingdom
Product Management – Product
Technology. Award-winning customer service. Bleeding-edge data ability.

Simply Business is a new type of insurance company, using all of the above  to create the best possible insurance experience for small businesses and self-employed people.

We love working here, and have even taken the number one spot in the  Sunday Times Best Company To Work For 2015 and 16 lists; we’ve stopped entering now to focus on a few bigger projects, but you get the idea.
It’s a great place towork.

There are currently over 500,000 active Simply Business insurance policies in the UK alone. And we have offices in London, Northampton and Boston,USA.

Talking of offices, ours are bright, airy and geared up for really smart  working. We’re flexible, with plenty of remote workers coming in and out,  and we believe work and life should be hand in hand, rather than a juggling  act. So no need to worry about school pick-ups, or a horrible commute.

Our people are our most important asset, so we focus on building a working  life that helps us thrive, not stick. Join us and you’ll be part of our journey  to creating something even better, for our customers and ourselves.

We need an Agile Coach to join us in London.

As a team we’re a growing body of enthusiastic, hands-on Agile Coaches who bring to the table our experience of the Agile frameworks combined with practices from the Agile, Lean, and Product toolkits. We support company objectives by keeping the cost of change low, the process of change simple, and the people involved motivated.  As a company, we embrace the adaptation of the Deming Cycle offered in Eric Ries’ Lean Startup, known as Build-Measure-Learn, so we’re open to experimentation in both our products and our ways of working.

As an Agile Coach you'll...

    • coach and nurture teams of three to four members, made up of Product Managers, Designers, Developers, and Testers, to live by and actively practice Agile and the Simply Business values
    • continuously improve your teams’ Agile mindset, practices, processes, and team dynamics, while maintaining or improving their ability to deliver consistently and at a sustainable pace
    • work closely with your teams to support them in not only delivering value, quality, and a great customer experience, but also removing non-value-adding activities, bottlenecks, and blockers

We’re looking for someone...

    • who can present a coaching voice as an Agile Coach, but also switch into Scrum Master/Delivery Manager mode, depending on the experience of your team
    • to lead and coach teams and individuals in relation to the Agile mindset as well as any Agile frameworks and tools that are appropriate for a particular team
    • to facilitate team meetings, such as stand-ups, planning sessions, and retrospectives
    • who can coach teams to develop a Product mindset and take a user-focused approach
    • with the skills to support Product Managers with planning and roadmaps, as needed
    • to encourage effective collaboration across teams and drive focus towards outcomes
    • with an eye for exposing and facilitating the removal of impediments and blockers
    • to create progress and feedback reporting, using tools such as Burn Down, CFD, Cycle Times, etc.
    • to protect the team from outside distraction
    • to drive forward continuous improvement within the team
    • to work closely with other Agile Coaches to encourage, adopt, and evolve the understanding of the Agile mindset, values, principles, processes, and tools throughout the wider business

We want to meet you.

At Simply Business, we pride ourselves on having a diverse workforce. Unfortunately, research has shown that some candidates, particularly women and people from other underrepresented groups, are put off applying for a job if they don’t fit every single one of the criteria.

But hiring at Simply Business isn’t a box ticking exercise – we’re much more interested in meeting people who’re excited to work with us. So if this job appeals to you and you think you’d be a good fit, send us your CV. With any luck we’ll be seeing you at interview soon.

What are the benefits?

There’s all the serious (but important) stuff we call ‘core benefits’. On top of that, you can pick and choose from the more exciting options we offer – whether it’s a full gym membership or gym subsidy, comprehensive private health cover, extra holiday, or a National Trust pass. 

The ‘core’ stuff
Some of these will kick in once you’re confirmed in post, but here’s the summary:
• a salary that reflects your experience, our pay policy and the market we’re in from your first day, generous annual leave
• life assurance (financial cover for your family, should the worst happen)
• a cash plan to reimburse your everyday medical expenses
• an extra day off if you get married or move house
• an automatic enrollment pension (employer-matched at 5%) 

The fun stuff
Passed probation? Time to pick and mix from things like:
• a full gym membership
• private medical insurance
• extra days annual leave
• shopping vouchers
• dental insurance
• travel insurance

But there’s so much more to Simply Business than insurance and memberships. We also commit to flexible working options, smart working (our offices are kitted out for you to work when and how you choose), cycle to work, eye test vouchers, and season ticket loan schemes, and we have a handy online form to put in any training or conference requests.

Best of all, though, are the groups, clubs, and adventures that come with the Simply Business territory. Forget a simple Give As You Earn scheme (although we’ve got that too) – we trek the Sahara for charity, take you on weekends away, throw epic summer parties, and meet up for book groups, public speaking coaching, yoga, manicures, beer brewing, and lots, lots more.

Our values

Everything we do comes down to these five values – empowerment, authenticity, simplicity, learning and pioneering.

In practice, these will mean something unique to every  person at Simply Business, but if you’re considering working here, give them some thought. They’re at the heart of our story.

We believe in our people and the positive impact they can have so we enable everyone to stretchthemselves

We celebrate diversity, avoid jargon and genuinely care about helping small businesses thrive

We attempt to simplify complex solutions to save our customerstime andeffort

We’re never done learning about new possibilities and act to explore them

We’re obsessed with finding new ways to create even better  experiences