Full Stack Developer, JavaScript, Node.js, South Florida, On-Site, Apr 2024

Coral Springs, FL
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About SKULabs
SKULabs, founded in 2014, helps rapidly growing ecommerce companies meet the expectations of today's shoppers. With thousands of brands and million of orders processed, we provide the operating system for ecommerce operations. Our tools offer fulfillment management, operations management, purchasing / receiving management, multi-channel inventory sync, inventory and warehouse management.

We offer simple oauth connections to most major ecommerce platforms, accounting software, and shipping providers. Our goal is for our customers not to need support in the first place through intuitive user interface design, sane defaults, and a robust rules engine to back it all up. Our software solution is perfect for anyone processing more than 1000 orders a month and is the de-facto operations center for many market leading sellers on Amazon, publicly traded companies, third-party fulfillment services, and even non-sales and manufacturing inventory operations.

What are the objectives for this role?
We seek a talented full-stack developer who is ready to take on entire features from start to finish. You'll meet with stakeholders and customers to determine requirements, build new APIs, integrate into existing APIs, build new interfaces within our component framework, accept feedback in code review, monitor for feedback direct from customer stakeholders and as reported to you from the account management team, and integrate this feedback into improvements. This position is ideal for a self-starter with an entrepreneurial mindset that is passionate about building systems that deliver amazing customer experiences.

What is the tech stack?
We have have a React/NextJS + NestJS/DocumentDB backend application hosting our latest app SKULabs Inventory and we have a javascript/bootstrap + express/mongodb platform running our SKULabs Pro platform. Both are held to high standards and are continually developed. This role is targeting someone who can work in both React and Node.js to contribute to both apps. We prioritize developer quality of life in our development process emphasizing code quality and developer usability over pace of development.

What will you work on?
We're currently rolling out new features rapidly on the new inventory application and implementing some major updates to the Pro platform as well. We're excited to be working on a new Liquid-based templating engine, better integration of generative AI functionality throughout the app, and continued scaling of the platform beyond the 2TB mark of in-memory cache.

Who's on the team?
You'll work alongside serial founders of brands featured in the Inc 500 that topped the charts on Amazon as well as those who have scaled several SaaS products to 500%+ growth. We have an excellent well-rounded team experienced in thoughtful application design and development.

Where is this role?
This role is "on site" in Coral Springs, FL at SKULabs HQ a recently remodeled office space with basketball, a gym, large kitchen, and now pickleball!

Desired Experience

    • Mandatory 2+ Years Professional Experience in JavaScript application development. Project work may be considered, but the primary requirement is formal, paid work experience of those who have demonstrated continuous learning and development in JavaScript over the years.
    • 2+ year working in jQuery applications or experience building and maintaining moderately complex interfaces in Bootstrap.
    • A strong understanding of fetch, Axios, Express, the lastest ECMA script features, nullish coalescing, optional chaining, async generators, for await loops, nodejs streams, etc.
    • You're comfortable making technical decisions and providing direction to the product and team.
    • You have built and maintained applications with large datasets (> 100k rows, in-memory joins)
    • Excellent understanding of the user experience and best practices to produce professional high usability interfaces for large business applications
    • You want to help successful growing brands scale their businesses.
    • If you have experience with React, Vue.js, or the Shopify/Amazon APIs this is a plus.
    • If you have experience with Jest / Cypress this is a plus.

Benefits and salary

    • Company provided laptop
    • Medical, dental, and vision insurance (U.S. Only)
    • Life & LTD insurance (U.S. Only)
    • Bonus structure
    • Flexible time off (FTO)
    • Home office, continued education budgets.
    • SKULabs is based out of South Florida
    • This role is on-site Coral Springs, FL
$90,000 - $160,000 a year
Salary range based on relevant experience, skills, and domain (warehousing/shopify/etc) knowledge.
Don't think this role suits you but think you'd be a valuable early employee here? Please contact us!