UI Designer & UX Engineer, React, On-site, South Florida, Apr 2024

Coral Springs, FL
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About SKULabs
SKULabs, founded in 2014, helps rapidly growing ecommerce companies meet the expectations of modern shoppers. With over 1500 stores connected and 30 million orders processed, we're experts at ecommerce fulfillment management, operations management, purchasing, multi-channel inventory sync, inventory and warehouse management.

In place of steep setup fees or annual contracts, our software solution for ecommerce brands simplifies the onboarding process with simple oauth connections to most major ecommerce platforms, accounting software, and shipping providers. Our goal is for our customers not to need support in the first place through intuitive user interface design, sane defaults, and a robust rules engine where those are not enough. We're a great fit for anyone with more than 1000 orders a month and service market leaders on Amazon, publicly traded companies, third-party fulfillment services, and even non-sales related inventory operations.

What are the objectives for this role?
Our Figma is well-documented and is a huge resource for our team. Our frontend framework is well engineered and designed to support SKULabs needs long-term. We're looking for someone familiar with building and maintaining a component library and mocking backoffice type interfaces. You will also contribute with our engineering team on implementing your design to help support our development efforts in 2024 and beyond. We will be expanding our existing app SKULabs Inventory
App: https://my.skulabs.com
Website: https://www.skulabs.com/inventory 

We will also be building upon our new projects which are currently in stealth mode.

What is the tech stack?
Our stack is Next.js (React, Redux, Node.js), MongoDB, and Redis. We prioritize developer quality of life in our development process emphasizing quality and developer usability over pace of development.

What will you work on?
We're currently rolling out new features rapidly on the new inventory application and implementing some major updates to the Pro platform as well. We're excited to be working on a new Liquid-based templating engine, better integration of generative AI functionality throughout the app, and new unreleased products.

Who's on the team?
You'll work alongside serial founders of brands featured in the Inc 500 that topped the charts on Amazon as well as those who have scaled several SaaS products to 500%+ growth. We have an excellent well-rounded team experienced in thoughtful application design and development.

Where is this role?
This role is "on site" in Coral Springs, FL at SKULabs HQ a recently remodeled office space with basketball, a gym, large kitchen, and now pickleball!


    • 3+ Years Experience in React
    • 3+ Years Experience in User Interface Design and User Experience methodologies
    • 3+ Years Experience with Figma
    • 3+ Years Experience in CSS Frameworks such as Material UI, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, Foundation, Pure, or Semantic UI
    • Creative artistic eye for design especially in backoffice applications
    • Experience taking client and stakeholder ideas and producing quality designs while having the technical ability to create components and work with other devs to bring that design to life
    • Experience maintaining a web application's design over several years.
    • Some experience with JavaScript frameworks such as React or Vue is a plus
    • Experience developing reusable shared components in React is a plus

Bonuses and salary

    • $100k-$160k+ but base salary will vary based on relevant experience, skills, and domain-knowledge.
    • Company provided laptop
    • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
    • Life & LTD insurance
    • Bonus structure
    • Flexible time off (FTO)
    • Home office, continued education budgets.
    • Coffee / tea care packages
    • SKULabs is based out of South Florida but this role is available full-time remote anywhere. Benefits vary by location.
$90,000 - $160,000 a year
Base salary will vary based on relevant experience, skills, and domain-knowledge. Median engineering/design salary at SKULabs is 120k.
Don't think this role suits you but think you'd be a valuable early employee here? Please contact us!