Business Intelligence Analyst

Los Angeles

Company Description
Skurt is a tech company based out of Los Angeles that is changing the way people get around. We’ve created a simple, beautiful experience that lets you book a car and have it delivered to you. When you’re done with the car, we pick it up from you. No more trouble managing your booking, long waits to pick up your car, exorbitant fuel fees, or over 21 fees.
How have we managed to do all of these things in an industry that hasn’t changed for decades? Simple. We’ve built a team of insanely talented, ambitious problem-solvers. As a result, demand for our service is at an all time high and we’re looking for inspiring people to join our crew.     
Job Description
As we grow, we face important questions about how to improve our offering. We’re going to be expanding to different cities, optimising expansive logistical operations and straddling the delicate balance between the supply and demand sides of our network.
We’re looking for someone to lead our business intelligence efforts to help us analyze, model and track the path to our goals.
In this role, you will:
•    Create and track key metrics for the business
•    Research the market, our customers and our competitors
•    Be the ‘voice of the data’ during strategic discussions/decision-making
•    At least 3 years experience working in a data-centric, analytical role
•    A few years experience in a consultancy/financial services role
•    An inescapable desire to model and track operating metrics
•    Supremely good Excel skills
•    Experience using contemporary KPI and reporting tools, e.g.

•    Know SQL
•    Have an MBA
Company Perks
•    Competitive salary and a stock option plan 
•    Fully paid medical, dental and vision benefits 
•    Unlimited Paid Vacation!
•    Amazing team and company culture 
•    Awesome office located in Culver City