Graphic Designer

Los Angeles

Company Description
Skurt is a tech company based out of Los Angeles that is changing the way people get around. We’ve created a simple, beautiful experience that lets you book a car and have it delivered to you. When you’re done with the car, we pick it up from you. No more trouble managing your booking, long waits to pick up your car, exorbitant fuel fees, or over 21 fees.
How have we managed to do all of these things in an industry that hasn’t changed for decades? Simple. We’ve built a team of insanely talented, ambitious problem-solvers. As a result, demand for our service is at an all time high and we’re looking for inspiring people to join our crew. 

• 3+ Years experience in design, preferably in fast-paced start-up environments.
• Ability to set and meet deadlines as well as prioritize effectively when in crunch-mode.
• Ability to jump between different design disciplines at a moment's notice.
• Good work ethic when working with team members, no prima-donnas please.
• Analytical mind; we're looking for someone who can scope ideas and consider things like functionality/feasibility of a project all the way through and own it. There's more to design than just pretty pixels. 

• An ability to handle stress in a professional and effective manner. 
• The ability to discard ideas at a moment's notice for sake of time or unforeseen circumstances. 
• Front-end coding ability.
• An understanding of mobile and web products on a technical level.
• A thorough understanding of UX and user habits.

• Sketch Master 
• Photoshop God
• Illustrator King
• InDesign Savant 
• CSS Wizard
• Scrum Aficionado