Lead Designer

Los Angeles

The Company
Skurt is a LA-based tech company that's changing the way people get around. We've created a simple, beautiful experience that allows users to book a car and have it delivered to them. Once done with the car, we conveniently pick it up. Replacing the tedious task of managing your booking, traveling back and forth to a rental location, exorbitant fuel fees, and archaic overage fees with a seamless, easy-to-use experience. 

Job Description
As lead designer at Skurt, you'll be joining a small but dedicated team of creative and product-focused designers. The lead designer role will have a core focus on product design. The ability to deduce feedback from the team and materialize it into wireframes and eventually features and products is a core competency. This person will ultimately help shape the brand and visual direction of the company. At Skurt you'll be working directly with the founders and executive members of the team which will require clear and effective communication when creating and proposing new products and ideas. As an early-stage startup you'll be joining at a time that allows for big changes and ideas to be implemented daily that will affect the company's direction for years to come.

• A solid eye, with conviction. A designer who understand modern design trends yet is always looking to push past them. Ideally, you shouldn't be married to doing something simply for the sake of it being "new". You'll be expected to present sound arguments for your vision backed by data when presenting to key stakeholders within the company.
• Extraordinary attention to detail. You will be expected to create pixel-perfect designs, as well as ensuring your designs are correctly transcribed throughout the engineering phase. 
• 4+ Years experience in design, preferably in fast-paced collaborative environments.
• Experience in motion design. You'll be expected to prototype motion and animations to showcase their value to other members of the team as well ensure they're met correctly when handed-off.
• Ability to set and meet deadlines as well as prioritize effectively when in crunch-mode.
• Ability to jump between different design disciplines at a moment's notice. As the 3rd member of the team, a looming backlog should be a comfortable feeling to you.
• Solid collaborative work ethic. You must be able to fight for the user but also view company goals at-hand objectively. 
• Extreme competence. We're looking for someone who can scope ideas holistically. Consider things like the workload/feasibility of a project all the way through, especially their impact on other departments. You should be able to inspire and empower others while clearly conveying the value of your designs through research and prototypes.  Ensuring your ideas are met with care and accuracy is paramount.
•  You should also be able to think outside the box and be comfortable with challenging pre-conceived notions around UI/UX.
•  Sketch is our tool of choice. 

• Clear and succinct communication and copywriting ability.
• Front-end coding ability.
• An understanding of mobile and web products on a semi-technical level.
• Photography and video experience 

• Sketch Master 
• Photoshop God
• Illustrator King/Queen
• InDesign Savant 
• CSS Wizard
• Scrum Aficionado