Front End Engineer

San Francisco or Remote
At Slab, we build beautiful software for teams. We believe that a team's ability to store and organize information ultimately defines their ability to communicate, collaborate, and execute. Slab is like a knowledge base or wiki, but reimagined to be fast, intuitive, and powerful. We think of it as a long-term memory for your team.

We are a small team of experienced developers and designers, on a mission to make work easier. Our CEO is the creator and maintainer of Quill, a popular open-source rich text editor. Among us, we have previously started and sold two companies focused on collaboration. Slab's approach to work is inspired by companies that have a big impact while staying relatively small. We embrace remote and flexible work arrangements.

In this role, you will be implementing new functionality and helping keep quality high in our React/GraphQL codebase. You will receive input on product requirements and visual design, while being responsible for the details of the execution. Our codebase is relatively small and clean, and we are always open to improving our style and practices!

Slab is backed by investors including NEA, CRV, and Matrix Partners.

Technologies We Use

• Javascript (ES6) + SASS
• Typescript
• React + Redux
• GraphQL + Apollo

Sound like You?

• You love creating great front-end experiences
• You know the ins and outs of React
• You have experience working on a professional software development team (4+ years)
• You consider more than one way to implement a change, and choose the best one based on the trade-offs
• You are passionate about certain technologies, whether it be web standards, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, or GraphQL
• You ask a lot of questions and love to learn

If you are a previous start-up founder, open-source contributor, college dropout, or came to software engineering from a totally different field, we'd love to hear your story.

Compensation and Benefits

Salary: $100k - $150k (Geographically adjusted)
Equity: 0.25% - 2%

• Flexible vacation — two weeks required!
• Free catered lunch (5x per week)
• Medical, dental, and vision insurance
• $5k desk setup of your choice
• 7 year option exercise window