Content Editor, Portuguese

São Paulo
Contract, Remote
We’re looking for people who have a passion for language learning and are looking to launch their careers with a growing global company. At Slang, you’ll be a team member of a well-funded startup spun out from MIT. We’re building a world-class team to revolutionize language learning with cutting-edge technology and beautiful design.

What we’re working on at Slang
Slang started at MIT as a research project on how to use AI and NLP to make learning a new language as efficient as possible. Our technology powers a highly adaptive e-learning platform that offers an unprecedented variety of specialized English courses and proficiency tests for career development in over sixty fields like Sales, Finance, Logistics, Medicine, and Law. We already have the largest professional English offering in the world. Now, we’re scaling up to release 1,000 more courses over the next three years. To learn more about our unique approach visit

What this role is about
We’re a company in our growth stage, and expanding to the Brazilian market is one of our top business priorities. This role will be at the forefront of that expansion — our very first hire in Brazil — and its responsibilities cover two dimensions: translation and marketing.

With respect to translation, your responsibilities are twofold: the first is to take all of our English interface elements and render them in polished, idiomatic, and error-free Portuguese, paying careful attention to the nuances of style and voice in the English and translating them appropriately for a Brazilian audience. The second will be to employ your excellent command of technical English to carefully prepare an accurate and learner-appropriate equivalent in Portuguese for all of the English content we teach in our courses.

With respect to marketing, you will be working with us to develop the public face and voice of the company in Brazil, drafting and polishing Portuguese copy to perfection for marketing pages, landing pages, brochures, course briefs, email campaigns, social media posts, and more.

Ultimately, the role demands a variety of skills: writing, translation, proofreading, copy editing, and managing and creating social media content. Your success will hinge upon your ability to think critically, creatively, and deeply about words, their many varied meanings and uses, and what the best presentation of our content, of any type, on any platform, should be. 

Education, knowledge, and skills required

    • A degree in Portuguese, English, Journalism, Communications, Literature, Linguistics, Philology, Philosophy, or any other relevant field.
    • Native Brazilian Portuguese speaker, fully bilingual in English (C1+, TOEFL score of 100+ minimum).
    • 3+ years in any of the following: English or Portuguese editorial work (Publishing, Journalism), ESL teaching in C1+ or technical English, or English-to-Portuguese or Portuguese-to-English technical translation.
    • An exceptional eye for detail — we’ll be depending on you to ensure that our Brazilian users have an outstanding experience.
    • Adaptability and flexibility. We believe in good guidelines and processes here, but we also believe in revising them quickly when the value of a new approach becomes clear.
    • Great oral and verbal communication skills and the ability to work closely with a team are key, especially distributed team members (we currently have offices in Colombia and the US that work closely together.)
    • Interest in the field of language learning or language proficiency testing.
    • A plus: proficiency in Spanish. 

This is a remote contract position for individuals based in São Paulo, in which you’ll have the chance to be at the forefront of our expansion to Brazil. The position will have the potential — with excellent performance — to be converted to full-time upon the incorporation of our Brazilian subsidiary later this year. Travel may be required to our offices in Bogotá and Boston. A valid visa for travel to the US is a plus.

We’d love to hear from you — apply below!

Slang is an equal-opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are excited about creating an inclusive and healthy environment.

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