Senior Frontend Engineer ($10K/successful referral)

San Francisco
Smarking is looking for excellent senior frontend engineers to help us scale the initial success of the company to the next level. Ideal candidates will be experienced and passionate about working in an early-stage tech company with initial product-market-fit and growing it into the next stage with rocket speed. As a senior member of our frontend team, you will be responsible for: 1) evolving frontend codebase to efficiently render beautiful, complex, and highly interactive charts; 2) architecting highly customizable and user-dependent features; 3) continuous optimization of performance; 4) improving automation and deployment pipelines. Senior frontend engineers will lead major engineering projects with the highest impact on our business and operations.

Smarking is a fast growing tech company with hyper-driven MIT PhDs, engineers, data scientists, transportation experts, and seasoned business professionals who are working hard to solve the notorious parking problem via a unique angle. By providing the very first enterprise data analytics software (SaaS) to the parking industry, Smarking is establishing itself as the leader in an emerging market of $10 Billion in the US and $40 Billion globally.

Smarking aims to enable highly efficient urban mobility by digitizing parking spaces and distributing parking inventory dynamically, in order to get the world ready for the connected, shared, and autonomous driving future. Backed by a group of top investors such as Y Combinator and Khosla Ventures, Smarking has brought real-time dashboards and predictive analytics to thousands of parking locations for cities (e.g. Miami, Santa Monica), airports(e.g. Boston, San Diego), universities (e.g. MIT), hospitals, parking operators, and garage owners. For the first time, cities and parking operators can make informed decisions for planning, operations, and pricing in real-time with the help of our products.

Our front-end is mostly written in ES6. Our tech stack includes React, Redux, and Flow. We use mocha, chai, enzyme, and selenium for testing. We use webpack for packaging, and docker for containerization. And we're constantly trying new tools and practices to be the best we can.


    • 3+ years of experience in designing, building, and refactoring large-scale customer-facing web applications.
    • Extensive experience with ES6, React, CSS, RESTful APIs, frontend testing, optimization, and security.
    • Strong sense in product design and user experience.
    • Hungry for impact and growth, motivated for constant learning, proactive at collaboration, and strong sense of responsibility.
    • Strong communication skills with both technical and non-technical audiences.
    • Bonus points: Experience with data visualization. Experience with Python, Flask, Docker, and Postgresql.


    • Competitive salaries and stock options
    • Commuter subsidies and free parking!
    • Breakfast, snacks, and daily catered lunch
    • Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance
    • Unlimited vacation
    • Gym reimbursements
    • 401K
We would love to work with driven engineers to learn from each other and grow together. If Smarking sounds like a good fit for you, please apply. We look forward to hearing from you!

We need great engineers, and we need them quickly! If you refer someone to Smarking for an engineering role, we hire that person, and he/she sticks around for 3 months, we’ll pay you $10k! The important parts are that it’s a direct referral for an engineering role. If you know of someone, submit an e-mail with link to a job posting from, your contact info, and the candidate’s resume or LinkedIn URL, to