Senior Generalist Software Engineer

San Francisco

Smarking is an MIT spin-off based in San Francisco that brings big data to the parking industry. Parking represents enormous and growing market opportunities ($100 billion worldwide) with fascinating technical challenges. Starting as a SaaS company providing data analytics and predictions to parking professionals, Smarking holds ambitious goals for the future. Since launching, Smarking has graduated from Y Combinator, attracted top notch investors, and is growing rapidly.

We at Smarking love people who constantly hack, lead, and grow. You will have opportunities to take on major projects and make a big impact on both the Smarking team and the entire parking industry.

Instead of filling specific needs, we hire talented engineers first and then work with them to map out areas of potentials and growth. Your typical projects would involve one or more of the following areas, although we do NOT expect you to have intimate knowledge in all of them:

    • Back end: Full-stack data processing platforms using technologies like micro-service architecture, in-memory data warehousing, and container clusters.
    • Front end: Our web applications are complex, single-page React apps with sophisticated data visualization functions.
    • Data acquisition: Streaming real-time data from heterogeneous data sources using modern data processing and automation techniques.
    • Data science: Data forecasting and business intelligence automation with state-of-art data analytics algorithms and libraries.
    • Infrastructure: Testing frameworks, CI/CD pipelines, and highly scalable production backbones with AWS, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, chatbots, and so on.
    • Leading continuous improvements and technical innovations.

Regardless of your level of experience, we look for people with high growth potential in both technical and leadership skills. If Smarking sounds like a great fit, please apply. We look forward to hearing from you!