Senior Product Manager, Enterprise SaaS Software

San Francisco


Smarking is an MIT spin-off based in San Francisco that brings big data to the parking industry. Parking represents enormous and growing market opportunities ($100 billion worldwide) with fascinating technical challenges. Starting as a SaaS company providing data analytics to parking professionals, Smarking holds ambitious goals for the future. Since launching, Smarking has graduated from Y Combinator, attracted top notch investors, and is growing rapidly.


We love entrepreneurial Product Managers who bring to life product initiatives with agile development and lean product methods. You will be a champion of customer-centric culture and liaison across multiple teams. Your "day of the life" vary depending on the stage of the company and product life-cycles.

Regardless of your background and level of expertise, we value people who are humble, hungry, and eager to learn and grow. You will have opportunities to take on major projects and make a big impact on both the Smarking team and the entire parking industry.


    • The exact roles vary depending on the stage of the company and product life-cycles. Sample responsibilities include:
    • Coordinate the ideation, development, and launch of product iterations.
    • Build and shepherd shared product visions and priorities across the company.
    • Drive product development with close collaboration across teams.
    • Integrate customer discovery, usability studies, and quantitative analysis into product development cycles.
    • Define and analyze metrics that ensure the success of products.


    • Outstanding communication skills.
    • Empathy for people and especially customers.
    • Passion in product.
    • Sense in design.
    • Technical savvy.
    • Analytical skills.
    • Creativity.
    • Humility.
    • Hunger (figuratively).